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[New Initiative] OCC Bangalore Learning Center

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  • Amarinder Singh
    [image: OCC Bangalore Learning Center - Powered by ThinkVidya.com] Go to Learning Center Learning is not attained by
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      [image: OCC Bangalore Learning Center - Powered by ThinkVidya.com]

      Go to Learning Center

      "Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and
      diligence." - Abigail Adams

      On this April Fool's Day, we are happy to announce the launch of OCC
      Bangalore Learning Center powered by ThinkVidya.com.

      OCC Bangalore Learning Center is a community platform for members such as
      you to learn and / or teach new technologies, skill sets and build
      competencies for your startup and professional growth. It is an evolving
      melting pot for experts, practitioners, learners and seekers to come
      together, organize class room training, knowledge transfer sessions and
      learn from actual industry experience.

      [image: Learn @ OCC Bangalore Learning

      *Startups, Day Jobs and our Life*

      Each generation feels they are born in crazy times; but maybe it is really
      true for us. Most of us feel crunched for time and resources and it is even
      more evident for startups. Some of us leave our nice and cushy jobs and
      then as entrepreneurs juggle with everything from team building to funding
      to marketing plans, to developing technology to striking a (failing)
      balance between professional and personal life only to realize how much
      more we need to LEARN to give our idea the wings to fly.

      Similarly, when we are impatient (and rightly so) to start our business
      just in college or immediately after our degree, still lot is required to
      LEARN and much of it again in the classroom (phew).

      Though the learning never stops (and its need); with OCC Bangalore Learning
      Center, it is now easy to attain new knowledge quickly and pick up new
      skills to keep moving fast on transforming your dreams to reality.

      *Are you a lesser God?*

      You are good, actually too good if we were to ask a few around you, but
      others in OCC / Bangalore may still not know you and you never taught your
      skill to others; well actually you did to many but one-on-one and not in a

      Hence, if you are the first time teacher we are more than happy to assist
      and hand hold you from this moment to your first class being conducted and
      appreciated! Get started and write to us on: teach@...

      *How does it help the experts and practitioners?*

      - Experts can now share their knowledge and skills using the OCC
      Bangalore Learning Center
      - In the case of paid classes, experts also get financial reward. If you
      are an expert and trying to bootstrap, this could be a way to get some
      extra income.
      - Most importantly, the Learning Center encourages sharing and helps
      satisfy the teaching passion that exists in a lot of us. We have to
      remember that when we teach, we also learn.

      *How does it help you and other learners?*

      - OCC Learning Center accelerates learning by getting you in the room
      with either experts from the industry or hard core practitioners who have
      either burnt midnight oil and / or dirty their hands in the field.
      - Entrepreneurs, employees and students learn from years of hard earned
      experience of experts, which accelerates the learning process.
      - If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a great platform for you
      learn, before you take the plunge.
      - Most importantly, OCC Learning Center ensures that you no longer have
      to learn it the hard way.

      Go to Learning Center
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      Green & Peace
      *Amarinder Singh*
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