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Re: [bang-phpug] Doubt in Window.Open() IN Javascript

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  • prasad c.g.
    u dont need to pass all values call like window.opener.document.fieldname.value and display it in label or text box ... From: KARTHIKEYAN RANGASWAMY
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2007
      u dont need to pass all values

      call like window.opener.document.fieldname.value and display it in label or text box

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      From: KARTHIKEYAN RANGASWAMY <karthikranga83@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, 2 May, 2007 8:51:36 PM
      Subject: [bang-phpug] Doubt in Window.Open() IN Javascript

      Hello Friends,

      I have a form with 10 fields namely

      Ad type - 3 radio button
      Property Type-text box
      State-drop down
      City-drop down
      Other city-text box
      Ad title-text box
      Ad description- text Area
      Name-text box
      Mobile-text box
      Email Address-text box

      Below this there is button called preview.
      If i fill the form and click the button preview all the details have to be displayed in a new window.Sometimes the window open() is not working it can overcomed by clicking mousectrl key thats ok.In order to display all the details in a new window all the varaibles have to passed by means of query strings

      (window.open( "preview. php?nm="+ nm"&em="+ em+")

      Something Like this.But i know one fact that there is some limitation in maximum number of characters that can be passed through URL is 255.or something.if i pass more than above specified limit i cannot view the details in new window.But in my form there is one text area where i cannot limit the person to enter only certain characters he can enter as many characters as he wish.I tried accessing hidden fields in window.open( ) page but i cannot able to access its values.

      Please Give me the solution For These Whether we need to pass all the 10 variables through query strings Or else is there any simpler way like storing the values in cookie variables or something else.I dont have much knowledge on javascript please help me in this issue.my system details are Windows XP With internet explorer 6.0

      Karthikeyan. R

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