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RE: [bang-phpug] hiding the php file name

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  • Ankur Dave
    Use the funda of .htaccess file of apache. You have to write the RewriteRulecreate a new file put in the root dir of your folder go to file save it as
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      Use the funda of .htaccess file of apache.
      You have to write the RewriteRule

      create a new file
      put in the root dir of your folder
      go to file save it as '.htaccess'
      upload it

      For eg --
      RewriteRule ^index/?type=delete /path/to/file/index.php?type=delete

      or try this too

      RewriteRule (.*)\.htm[l]?(.*) $1.php$2

      Save all your file as .html so this will automatically take this as .php
      as extension.

      If you are using the debian linux and then you have to enable the
      .htaccess by this
      a2enmod rewrite

      and some more things chk this toooo --

      for hiding file name & ext. code is:

      <Files filename.php>
      order allow,deny
      deny from all

      or hide all files with ext:
      IndexIgnore *.php *.jpg

      or protect file:
      <Files "filename.php">
      AuthType Basic
      AuthUserFile "/path/to/your/htpasswd/file/.htpasswd"
      AuthName "webFileBrowser"
      Require valid-user

      I think this is what you want. :)

      Ankur Dave
      my blog :: http://ullu.wordpress.com

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      can anyone please help me , how to hide the file name of .php extension?
      the url has to show like this
      intead of this

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