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[Event/Meetup] Mobile First: Front-End Design and Development

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  • Vivek Rp
    Hi All, Just wanted to let you know that there s a JavaScript Meetup happeningtomorrow. Here s the details of the event being organized by JavaScript Ninjas
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2013
      Hi All,
      Just wanted to let you know that there's a JavaScript Meetup
      happeningtomorrow. Here's the details of the event being organized by
      JavaScript Ninjas Bangalore Group:

      This is a gathering for people who believe in "Mobile First philosophy".
      Our goal is to help discover current trends, best practices, and
      community - both for front-end design and development.

      Meetup Topics:
      Mobile Web Applications - JavaScript - Best Practices - UX - Web Design

      1) Dhaval Trivedi

      * Tech Lead at Yahoo!
      * JavaScript hacker and Mac-crazy
      * Bangalore, India

      2) Ankur Agarwal

      Founder - Debuggify.net

      Entrepreneur ; dreamer and full stack developer.

      3) You! ( Lightning Talks - Audience )

      4) Ashutosh Kumar

      Principal Interaction Designer - Yahoo!

      Crafting Good to Great UX Design 

      09:00 AM : Registration
      09:30 AM : Ice Breaker
      9: 45 AM : Dhaval Trivedi

      * Topic – Mobile Application Development at its best -
      Recommended architecture, workflow and practices to create wicked fast,
      crazy responsive,single-codebase-multiple-platforms mobile applications.

      10:20 AM : Ankur Agarwal - Topic - Debug the web 101

      10-50 AM : Coffee Break

      11: AM : Lighting Talks

      11: 30 AM : Ashutosh Kumar

      Topic - Secret to UX design lies in details.

      12:00 PM : Demo - Gap - Gesture based platform

      12 : 30 PM - 1-30 P.M. - Networking and Lunch

      Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/167849810039360/

      See you there!

      You can get more details of the event and venue at this
      Regards,Vivek Rp - WebCreators.in <http://webcreators.in>

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