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921Re: The web pages in production are being run twice.

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  • guruj_r
    Jan 10, 2008
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      Thanks for your time in responding us...

      I am also not aware of load balancers and Apache server logs. I
      think our client is using web farms and serving the request by load

      1. Can you know where and what to check in Load balancers as
      well as Apache to know that the program is served only once and
      everything is perfect?

      2. Also can we get the server name from where the program is
      served - so that it may be used for debugging.

      I also have few tips on this problem,
      The issue of page running twice is happened only when it is
      submitted or redirected from a page. If we type the url directly in
      the browser and hit Enter, the page is run only once. This has been
      captured thro insert statements wrote in the program. Another beauty
      is the user does not know / realize that the page is run twice.
      Meaning we have found the issue of running twice only due to
      insertion of records.

      Thanks in advance,

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