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369Re: [bang-phpug] problem in form submit

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  • pritesh loke
    Mar 9, 2007
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      my problem is how i clear post data at refresh time not db problems
      pls give me any idea if you know.
      Thank you

      CS Shyam Sundar <csshyamsundar@...> wrote: Dude.,

      This is damn simple.,

      Before entering details to DB check if an entry already exists in the
      If it exists dont enter the details., !!!

      On 09 Mar 2007 05:38:03 -0800, pritesh loke <priteshloke@...> wrote:
      > Hello To all
      > I have one smoll but big problem.I created one form which is my
      > registration. see this code
      > <form method=post>
      > <input type=text name=fname />
      > <input type=submit name=submit />
      > </form>
      > <?
      > if(isset($_POST[submit]))
      > {
      > //enter in database
      > }
      > ?>
      > this type of ode mostally i used when i submitting the form but problem is
      > here when any user refresh the page after enter the value the last post
      > value will go in the database.
      > pls tell me the solution
      > Thank you
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