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  • munim2020
    Mar 3 12:20 AM
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      Give this a shot. What am I doing here is just adding the HTML code from two
      different pages. Chances are this class may not accept 2 HTML markups just
      added together, but its worth a shot.
      Let me know how it goes.
      $html1 = "http://gohad.info/S/pdfconv/fam2.html";
      $html2 = "http://http://gohad.info/S/pdfconv/fam3.html";<http://gohad.info/S/pdfconv/fam2.html>
      $b1 = file_get_contents($html);
      $b2 = file_get_contents($html2);
      $buffer = $b1.$b2;
      $mpdf=new mPDF();
      $mpdf->debug = true;
      $mpdf->useOnlyCoreFonts = true;

      $mpdf->Output('fam2.pdf', 'F');
      echo "PDF Created";
      echo "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0;url=

      On 3 March 2010 13:22, pooja kudale <kudalepooja@...> wrote:

      > Hey,
      > Could you please elaborate. I am a newbie to php and haven done much
      > of in depth coding. I am working on this proj and need to give results
      > soon.
      > suppose have two html files
      > fam1.html and fam2.html
      > each giving two different output charts
      > now if i include one its working. But how do I include both of them in one
      > pdf same page and also on different pages.
      > Please Help.
      > Regards,
      > Pooja.
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      Abdul Munim Kazia

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