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135Problem in Uploading Files Using Flash Action Script

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  • adarsh m
    Aug 26, 2006
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      hai all
      I am trying to uplading files using Flash Action Script ...

      it will done in a seperate flash file but I include the same code in an anothor form appliction have 15 forms it not work.. it gives an error " The class or interface 'flash.net.FileReference' could not be loaded. "...

      i using the following code for including the File Refrence class... and all..

      import flash.net.FileReference;

      var listener:Object = new Object();

      listener.onSelect = function(selectedFile:FileReference):Void

      var imageFile:FileReference = new FileReference();

      uploadBtn.addEventListener("click", uploadImage);

      function uploadImage(event:Object):Void {
      imageFile.browse([{description: "Image Files", extension: "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png"}]);

      refere ..http://www.flash-db.com/Tutorials/upload/upFiles.php?page=1

      have any one help me..........
      Thanks in advance

      adarsh m
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