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1335help me!!!!

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  • vivekkimi
    May 7 2:57 AM
      mysql_connect("localhost", "zzz", "zzz");
      mysql_select_db("crawl"); // database name
      $hosts=mysql_query("select * from xyz where kflag=0;");
      $c="No Keywords";
      mysql_query("update xyz set keywords= \"$c\" where name like'%$url%';");
      mysql_query("update xyz set kflag=true where name like '%$url%';");
      echo "done";
      xyz is a table full of urls..i want to update this table by adding keywords of each page to the corresponding url.

      get_keywords is a func to extract keywords for a given url.

      kflag is used to detect if the keywords have been searched for..for the particular url.

      this code works fine when the table has very few entries say 4-8 but crashes when table contains 200 odd entries.

      i'm stuck here big time..i probably need to use multi threading but i'm not able to figure out how..

      CODE RED!!! please help!*/
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