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1334A case for developer centric PHP framework

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  • celeroos
    May 2 12:58 AM
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      Many users asked why we built one more framework (Celeroo-Frame) http://www.celeroo.com/frame/frame.html in PhP when there are so many out there.

      Here is my response. I shall try to keep it as non-technical as possible because I want the response to be read by starters and non-coders as much as experts.

      Whatever the framework is its primary purposes are two fold:

      1. Forcing the developer to organize the code efficiently in a MVC architecture. This makes it easy for others understand it, change it etc. So, the application becomes scalable, portable, integratable if a framework is used.

      2. Make it really easy for the coder to code by automating validations, database handling etc. So, frameworks enhance the productivity of the user.

      Now, interestingly these two can clash!

      When people think of the first need, obviously they have fairly complex applications in mind and build frameworks to support such complex applications.

      Application centric frameworks (all most all the existing ones) focus on complex applications.There is a lot of learning curve and more importantly loooot of

      discipline forced on the developer.

      In real life, 80% (or even more) of applications that a developer ends up building are of medium or low complexity. The frameworks built keeping in mind the previous requirement tend to discipline the coder unduly in these situations which unfortunately occur 80% or more times. They actually slow down the developer.

      We wanted to build Developer centric application whose sole purpose is to help developers build 80% of the applications fast and easy. The framework then should be

      1. Minimal: Only have features needed in all common applications
      2. Easy: Be really easy to learn as the segment who do these kind of programs can be beginner or an expert.
      3. Lastly and most importantly, when one is coding a complex application they should be able to change the framework to suite the needs of that application and hence the framework should be very easy to modify.

      Celeroo-Frame is built only with this focus. We intentionally did not try to do everything for everybody. So, if you are looking for a Developer centric framework" try frame and let us know how you liked it. Checkout http://www.celeroo.com/frame/frame.html