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1165Re: [bang-phpug] Do you hav Any job For me???

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  • mohit srivastava
    Aug 16, 2008
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       I am Ranjana Srivastava from Chandigarh, I have requirement of php devloper, Please send own cv.
      Email ID:hello.ranju@...

      --- On Tue, 8/5/08, Vijay Srinivas <vijay_srini_2000@...> wrote:
      From: Vijay Srinivas <vijay_srini_2000@...>
      Subject: Re: [bang-phpug] Do you hav Any job For me???
      To: bang-phpug@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 11:41 AM

      You need to learn it slowly and slowly.


      When I joined here as a PHP programmer, I didnt know PHP at all. But, I learnt it using some help files that was there on my PC (I am still learning it whenever I get time).


      I also took some help from other programmers working there on how to run a PHP program.

      Then, when I ran my first PHP program, I found it difficult to run it on the net, although I could run it on the local machine. It was then that I found out the problem on the mysql connection.


      I do keep facing other problems, but sort it out asking my seniors, peers and friends etc.

      I cant say that I am an expert, but am still learning, and using it whenever necessary.


      So, please try that way.


      Vijay Srinivas.

      --- On Fri, 8/1/08, Hemanth <mvhemanth@gmail. com> wrote:

      From: Hemanth <mvhemanth@gmail. com>

      Subject: Re: [bang-phpug] Do you hav Any job For me???

      To: bang-phpug@yahoogro ups.com

      Date: Friday, August 1, 2008, 11:21 AM

      PHP is not very difficult.. I learnt in just a week and made

      www.valueads. biz

      in 2006 around.... and i never used seo's to popularize it.

      it is not necessary to know A-Z of anything at one shot.

      Talent is in being able to find a solution for a given problem....

      imagine a product.... find ways to make it work :)



      Advertise anything FREE on Google website http://www.ValueAds .Biz or BOX AD

      at just Rs.550 per month (Limited time offer)

      Call (+91) 9844125556 Bangalore, India.

      On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 9:56 PM, jegan <a.jegan@gmail. com> wrote:

      > Hi ,


      > First learn PHP.With less knowledge in PHP we cant face the PHP Interview

      > questions . Start working with a new small project. While coding it,

      > always

      > find best way by searching google.You can also try some simple open source

      > projects.Download and run it .Try to change one functionality in the open

      > source code. You can learn while you editing the code.After some basic

      > learning try to write code that uses important features of PHP like

      > Classes & Object oriented concepts (inheritance ...), exception/error

      > handling, Dom , Session,cookie ,Array functions,Regular expression, MYSQL

      > join , Transactions, GRANT command,Date functions, .....etc

      > Also learn PHP INI file settings. Apache configurations ....


      > Practice is the best way. Don't read only theory .


      > Best of luck .


      > bye

      > Jegan


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