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1146Re: [bang-phpug] Do you hav Any job For me???

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  • samaya
    Jul 31, 2008
        You can learn php in online ...There are lots of online tutorials there...some of it
      www.tizag.com  and so on... you can copy n run there itself...it will use for u

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      Subject: Re: [bang-phpug] Do you hav Any job For me???

      Hi ,

      First learn PHP.With less knowledge in PHP we cant face the PHP Interview
      questions . Start working with a new small project. While coding it, always
      find best way by searching google.You can also try some simple open source
      projects.Download and run it .Try to change one functionality in the open
      source code. You can learn while you editing the code.After some basic
      learning try to write code that uses important features of PHP like
      Classes & Object oriented concepts (inheritance ...), exception/error
      handling, Dom , Session,cookie ,Array functions,Regular expression, MYSQL
      join , Transactions, GRANT command,Date functions, .....etc
      Also learn PHP INI file settings. Apache configurations ....

      Practice is the best way. Don't read only theory .

      Best of luck .


      On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 2:55 PM, =Raghav= <raghav108@gmail. com> wrote:

      > hi friends,
      > i wana know what is the best way to learn PHP,MySql.
      > i m web developer in HTML ,CSS i have basic knowldge of PHP and Mysql but
      > in
      > Interview they ask deadly question
      > suggest me how can i learn and which platform is best to laern more PHP
      > Thanks
      > Raghav
      > 9886607700
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