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7956Tuning : temperated or not ...

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  • hendrik_lessmann
    May 12, 2014
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      Dear group,

      I had my Bando tuned from a professional tuner,
      and he told me that a=442 Hz is  common,
      and he did it this way.

      What I wonder about is,
      if the tuning in these days is temperated,
      or not ? He didnĀ“t tell me...

      A friend told me, that 80 years ago the original Bando-tuning was definitely NOT temperated.
      His not temperated Bando sounds flat in higher Octaves, he loves it and would never change.

      which tuning is used by your professionals?

      I googled and read about several names:

      Werckmeister 1-3, and lots more.

      Any Informatons ?

      regards, Hendrik
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