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Re: Starting to Play. I started learning bandoneon a year ago. I play trombone for more than 30 years. I want to make music (now), not to practice stupid scales or arpeggios. So I

7:00 AM

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Re: Starting to Play. Discouraged. Not discovered! Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media ... From: "Joao Rodrigues lx.bando@... [bandoneon]"

3:37 AM

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Re: Starting to Play. Well I took a completely different approach. I bought my bandoneon by accident. It sort of found me. Then I had it for a few years without learning. Then I

3:36 AM

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Re: Starting to Play. the two points are not incompatible. Just like in any instrument you need to learn all scales and, naturally, it's better to do it bit by bit. I was

Joao Rodrigues
2:21 PM

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Re: Starting to Play. I suppose to play devil's advocate, the contrary view would be (and continuing with the piano analogy) that to try and master the WHOLE keyboard, all at once,

1:42 PM

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Re: Starting to Play. Hi On the milestones I think it depends a lot on the time you invest and your ultimate goal. A few beginners' remarks: Probably because of your experience with

Joao Rodrigues
1:11 PM

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Re: Starting to Play. Ben Bogart teaches my daughter for almost 2 years now. For the difficulty of the instrument I see great strides and I cannot imagine a better teacher. Skype

12:11 PM

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Starting to Play. So I have arranged to hire an instrument and it has safely arrived, and now, I just need to learn to play it! I'd be interested to know of others early

Feb 28

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Re: wikiloops.com My second bandoneon-track on wikiloops.com. The base is a wonderful track with a beautiful clarinet until 2:10. Then I added my bandoneon. I'm sure, there are

Feb 20

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ULTIMAS FUNCIONES!!! Mirian Penela es " Muñeca Brava" Mirian Penela es " Muñeca Brava" Quedan pocas funciones!!! Éxito en Europa y ahora en Buenos Aires Mirian Penela es " Muñeca Brava" Con ironía y humor

CM Producciones
Feb 19

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Re: Digest Number 2774 I've had success simply picking up beginner piano books, like the Leila Fletcher Series used a lot in Canada (maybe not available elsewhere) and just start

Martin Damus
Feb 16

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Re: Learning Methods In my opinion, from those four, I choose Mele. Best regards,Juan Piquinela El Domingo, 15 de febrero, 2015 15:45:28, "fabian prez hectorfprez@...

Juan Piquinela
Feb 15

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Re: Learning Methods My Top four: Bartok, Microcosmos;Marcucci-Liepesker, Metodo;Hernani, Metodo;Mele; método moderno. El Domingo, 15 de febrero, 2015 9:52:40,

fabian prez
Feb 15

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Learning Methods It's daunting, taking up bando for the first time. Does anyone have any thoughts about the relative merits of any of the widely available published Metodos as

Feb 15

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Re: New Student Instrument I started my first few months on a student instrument. It was smaller and lighter than a typical bando, and only a single course of reeds (so sounded more like

Damien Bradley
Feb 13
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