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2565Smurf Bally Mockup

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  • Kurt Woloch
    Feb 13, 2006
      Hi everyone!

      Since I was always good at drawing mock screenshots, I tried doing one
      for a possible Bally version of Smurf's Rescue to Gargamel's Castle (or
      whatever the title was - here in Austria it was simply called "Smurf").

      It's a 100x160 BMP file which I've zipped to save space. I tried to use
      only those colors available on the Bally and the correct resolution and
      not to do anything that's impossible (i.e. more than 4 colors on a
      You'll notice that it's VERY colorful for a Bally game. This could only
      be accomplished by heavily switching colors mid-screen, as it was
      always done on the Atari 2600 (if you look at the 2600 screenshots of
      Smurf, you'll notice that the colors get switched several times too -
      at least if you know the 2600's architecture).

      This, actually, would be a cross between the Coleco and the 2600
      version of the game.
      Some details, from top to bottom:

      1. The score display looks like on the Coleco version, only at the
      Bally's lower resolution. But it's perfectly doable since no more than
      4 colors get used in this area.
      2. Trees and path: I tried to use only 2 colors per scanline to display
      the background (trees and path). The colors would have to get switched
      several times to accomplish what's shown here, though.
      3. Smurf: The main figure should get one color register which gets
      switched from white to blue and back. Thus it's got only one color per
      scanline, like on the Atari.
      4. House and fence: The house follows a similar pattern, having only
      one color register which gets switched several times. The fence shares
      the same color as the house on screen, but since the Bally supports two
      sets of colors per scanline, this is still doable... the register for
      the left side would have the house color and the one for the right side
      would have the fence color.

      What do you think of my mock-up?

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