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14574RE: Pre-Arcadian

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  • Adam Trionfo
    Jun 2, 2016

      On February 17, 2010 (in message #8535), Paul Thacker wrote:
      I've located some Arcadian ads in Kilobaud through Google book search, but they only display snippet view. They're in 1978 page 120, and 1979 page 128.

      I rediscovered this 6-year-old post today while doing some research into the early issues of the Arcadian for episode #2 of the Bally Alley Astrocast podcast.  The Arcadians (the pre-Arcadian) newsletter #4 (September  1978) alludes to this original classified ad for the Arcadian newsletter.  I found it by methodically going through entire issues of Kilobaud magazine archived on archive.org.  The classified ad appeared in Kilobaud, no. 21 (Sept. 1978): 120.  The ad is in the first column, and it is the tenth one from the top.  It's simple, short and to the point when it announces:

      "Bally Owners and hopefuls are banding together for our mutual benefit to extract the maximum usefulness from this unit.  Anyone interested is invited to write Bob Fabris, 3626 Morrie Dr., San Jose CA 95127 with a SASE"

      With that brief note, Mr. Fabris started a Bally tradition that still is being felt among Bally owners and users to this day.  You can see the (quite tiny) ad here:


      I'm currently downloading the September 1978 issue of Kilobaud.  It's quite large (6.2GB).  When I'm done, I'm going to extract the cover page and classified ads and place them onto BallyAlley.com.


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