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CfP: Albanian-American Relations in the Twenty-First Century, Tirana, 21 March 2011

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    Call for Contributions   Albanian American Relations in the Twenty-First Century: Strengthening and deepening the strategic partnership   The Albanian
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      Call for Contributions


      Albanian American Relations in the Twenty-First Century:

      Strengthening and deepening the strategic partnership


      The Albanian Institute for
      International Studies calls for papers to be presented at a conference on the
      USA-Albania relations to be held in Tirana on March 21, 2011. All interested Albanian and
      foreign researchers are encouraged to submit a half page abstract to Dorarta
      Hyseni at dhyseni@...
      by February 15th, 2011.


      conference rationale:


      March 15th, 2011
      will mark the 20th anniversary of the reestablishment of diplomatic
      relations between Albania and the United States of America, which put an end to
      five decades of isolation, alienation and political animosity toward the US and
      all Western World.


      The immediate, complete cut in
      diplomatic relations was harbinger of the absurd, extreme isolation that ensued
      for nearly half a century. Through terror, fear and large scale propaganda the
      communist regime tried to cultivate deep animosity towards the USA in the
      Albanian society. Nevertheless, the people of Albania preserved their affinity
      and respect for the United States as a land of freedom and as a national ally
      in the country’s most critical periods in modern history. They never lost hope
      that allies, which in their perceptions and dreams were embodied by the US,
      would one day arrive in Albania.


      The re-establishment of diplomatic
      relations between the two countries in March 1991 constitutes an important
      historical event as it notes the first critical step in Albania’s break from
      the communist isolation. From a historical perspective, the reestablishment of
      diplomatic relations brought back a strategic national ally that had given an
      essential contribution towards the very existence of the Albanian state and its
      territorial integrity. Once again in 1991, the reestablishment of relations was
      achieved at very critical times for the Albanian national security, given the
      context of bloody conflicts that followed the disintegration of Yugoslav


      In these twenty years, the
      United States has played an extraordinary and irreplaceable role in Albania’s
      democratization. The democratic developments of the early nineties, as well as
      the following continued efforts for the consolidation of democracy, market
      economy and social modernization have cherished the direct support, inspiration
      and assistance of all respective US administrations.


      The accession of Albania in
      NATO in 2009, which is undoubtedly the most historical event for Albania since
      the fall of the communist regime, also largely owes to US efforts and


      In parallel fashion, via
      support for Albania’s democratization, the development of the market economy
      and the modernization of society, the United States continue to contribute
      towards Albania’s preparation for EU membership.


      Another important dimension in
      Albania-USA relations has to do with the irreplaceable contribution of the
      United States of America towards regional security in the Balkans. The USA
      played a critical role in the termination of ethnic wars as well as the
      establishment of peace and independence for Kosovo.


      The 20th
      anniversary of the reestablishment of the Albania-USA diplomatic relations is
      not only a case for celebration but also a moment to reconsider the state of
      this special relationship and the prospects for the future.

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