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  • Vanja Calovic MANS
    Dear colleagues, is there any member of the list from Kyrgyzstan that could help us in collecting some more info on the case described in the story below?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2010
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      Dear colleagues, is there any member of the list from Kyrgyzstan that could
      help us in collecting some more info on the case described in the story

      Thank you very much in advance

      Best regards, Vanja Calovic

      Vanja �alovi�
      Izvr�ni direktor / Executive Director

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      Text of report by privately-owned Kyrgyz AKIpress news agency website

      Bishkek, 9 June: The Kyrgyz Prosecutor-General's Office [KPGO] has launched
      a criminal investigation against some National Bank officials on charges of
      laundering of money obtained through crime, corruption and abuse of office,
      the KPGO's press service has said.

      The KPGO said that it was established during inspections of the Kyrgyz
      National Bank and other commercial banks between 2005 and 2010 that some
      National Bank officials worked out a special money laundering mechanism in
      collusion with heads of several offshore companies and heads of some
      commercial banks such as AziaUniveralBank, the closed joint-stock Manas
      Bank, the open joint-stock Investment Issyk-Kul Bank and the open
      joint-stock Kyrgyzkreditbank.

      A third party put money in the same account and resident clients of the bank
      transferred large sums of money for non-residents.

      Payments of this kind make it difficult to identify real owners of money and
      help conceal money as well as mislead regulatory bodies of countries where
      the companies are from.

      Main receivers and senders of major transfers are companies that are
      registered in the British Virginia Islands, Panama, the Seychellois islands,
      the Marshal Islands, Belize, Macao, Montenegro and several companies that
      are registered in the Kyrgyz Republic.

      Since 2005, there have been suspicious operations carried out by commercial
      banks. The operations fall under the Kyrgyz law "on countering financial
      terrorism and laundering of money that was criminally obtained". But the
      National Bank did not react to this at all and allowed the placing of state
      funds (the Finance Ministry's treasury, the Kyrgyz Social Fund, the
      Development Fund) in a major system bank, the AziaUniveralBank. As a result
      of inaction on the part of the National Bank's leadership, shareholders of
      the AziaUniveralBank withdrew largest amounts of money, which had a serious
      impact on the total amount of the bank's assets.

      For a number of years, the Russian Central Bank repeatedly noted suspicious
      operations by the AziaUniveralBank. Despite this, the Kyrgyz National Bank,
      which oversees and regulates banking, did not request and did not give
      relevant information to foreign bank regulators in violation of Article 7
      Clause 7 of the Kyrgyz law "on countering financial terrorism and laundering
      of money that was criminally obtained" in order to counter financial
      terrorism and legalizing money that was obtained through crime, but on the
      contrary, it protected and lobbied for the AziaUniveralBank's interests. In
      this way, it helped suspicious operations to continue.

      Colossal damage has been done to the country's image on the international
      level as well as enormous material damage because of the National Bank
      officials' criminal activities. KPGO said that an investigation was under

      What is more, the former head of the open joint-stock Kyrgyzpromstroybank's
      board, Murat Mukashev, told a news conference held at the Kabar news agency
      today, that the KPGO launched criminal investigations against officials of
      the Kyrgyz Social Fund and the Kyrgyz National Bank, namely Kubanychbek
      Bokontayev and Marat Alapayev.

      Source: AKIpress news agency website, Bishkek, in Russian 1108 gmt 9 Jun 10

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