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  • Balkan Academic News
    Balkan Academic News welcomes the following new subscribers. With these new subscribers, BAN has now over 7,000 subscribers. Alina Surubaru. PhD sociology,
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 30, 2009
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      Balkan Academic News welcomes the following new subscribers. With these
      new subscribers, BAN has now over 7,000 subscribers.

      Alina Surubaru. PhD sociology, Ecole Normale Supérieure (France). I am
      interested in economic sociology, mobilizations and European political
      construction. Email: alinasurubaru@...

      Siegfried Woeber. I work as media analyst in an international
      organization and am following the politico-military dimension of the
      Balkans on a daily basis. Being an expert of the Caucasus and Central
      Asia already, I have recently started a 2 year part-time master degree
      on Balkan Studies in Vienna, so your newsgroup is of great interest to
      me. Email: woeber.siegfried@...

      Natalija Zenger. I'm a student at University of Zürich. There I study
      History with a specification in Eastern European History, Russian
      Literature and International Law. Email: natalija.zenger@...

      Katsunori Seki, PhD student, Department of Political Science, Texas A&M
      University, USA. My research interest is in democratization and
      political economy of new democracies and dictatorship. I am particularly
      interested in Serbian politics. Email: kseki@... /

      Jochen Töpfer. Researcher at the Institute for East European Studies at
      the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. My research is about theory of
      transformation and structures of political elites. Empirical research
      was done about small societies in western balkans, e.g. Slovenia and
      Macedonia. Email: loncar1@...

      Christian Costamagna. PhD student in History at the University of
      Eastern Piedmont, Italy. I am interested in Yugoslavia in the 80’s and
      Serbian Politics since 1990. My proposed project is “United Yugoslav
      Left (JUL):
      a Mere Continuation of the League of Communists?” Email:

      Elvis Ismail. I’m a General Practitioner working at Foundation Open
      Society Institute -Macedonia, Program for Public Health. I’m living in
      Macedonia and my origin is Roma.Email: elvis.ismail@...

      Seckin Akbas. Student at the Department of International Relations in
      Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey. I am interested in this group
      because I want to be informed about this political geography as an area
      of Turkey's cultural depth. Email: seckinakbas@...

      Sarah Orndorff. Graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign
      Service, major in Culture and Politics, certificate in Eurasian,
      Russian, and East European Studies. I am interested in human rights,
      particularly women's rights, in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central
      Asia. Email: sarah.orndorff@...

      Marta Zavkova. I am a student at The Faculty of Economics - Skopje I
      would like to receive information about management and economy.Email:

      Sinziana Paltineanu. I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the History Department at
      the Central European University in Budapest. I'm doing research on
      Transleithania during the latter half of the nineteenth century, with a
      focus on the Romanian community. I'm interested in nationalism and
      citizenship, in conceptual history and microhistory. Email:
    • Balkan Academic News
      We welcome the following new subscribers to Balkan Academic News: Maja Ljubic. Project Coordinator at The Institute of Economics, Zagreb. Email:
      Message 2 of 7 , Jun 11, 2010
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        We welcome the following new subscribers to Balkan Academic News:

        Maja Ljubic. Project Coordinator at The Institute of Economics, Zagreb.
        Email: majaljubic@...

        Marsuela Nonaj,student of political science( second year,University of
        Tirana),I am interested in political and international relationship of
        balcan's countries. Email: marsuela.nonaj@...

        Falma Fshazi. PhD Candidate in Bogaziçi University Istanbul & EHESS
        Paris. I am interested in politics and practices of the construction of
        citizenship particularly during the interwar period. Email: falmaf@...

        Ajla Memisevic. Recent graduate of the International University of
        Sarajevo. I am interested in finding a masters program in international
        relations, european integration, democracy, etc. Email:

        Kosana Beker, Head of Department for Projects and Cooperation, Protector
        of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia, Interested in gender equality,
        child's rights and anti discrimination legislative and practice. Email:

        Krenare Salihu. Student University of Zagreb. I am interested in public
        policy, European integrations. I am interested to participate in
        academic gatherings in these topics (and not only) taking place around
        Europe. Email: krenare.salihu@...

        Juljana Mandra. Master student at the University of Cambridge. I am
        interested in the development of Education in Balkans. Email:

        Hanns Schneider. I am Ph.D.-student at the University of Jena. I am
        interested in the political system of Serbia ans its neighbours. Email:

        Costel Coroban. B.A. in Political Sciences (2009) and History (2010) at
        the Ovidius University of Constanta, I am interested in political
        development in the Balkans during the Modern and Early Modern Age.
        Email: coroban_costel@...

        Liviu Carare. Researcher at the Institute of History in Cluj-Napoca,
        Romania. I am interested in contemporary history and political science.
        Email: lcarare@...

        Leda Sutlovic, MA in political science, CEU, thesis title:"Rawls,
        Feminist Criticism and Justice in the Family: Do We Really Need a
        Kitchen Police?" Email: leda.sutlovic@...

        Kamila Lukasik. Student at Nicolaus Copernicus University - Balkan
        Languages, in Torun, Poland. At the moment I am dealing with the problem
        of Kosovo in XX century, and generally I am interested in the political,
        cultural and historical issues about Kosovo and other Balkan countries.
        Email: gemms@...

        Naim Leo Beširi. Executive director of Youth Education Committee.
        Political science student and employee at the OSCE Mission to Serbia. I
        am interested in the political development of SEE. Also I'm interested
        in getting information about seminars, schools, scholarships etc. Email:

        Flavius Mihalache. Researcher at Research Institute for Quality of Life.
        I am interested in the social chnege of the rural areas in Est Europe.

        Martin Galevski. Project coordinator at the (NGO) Youth Educational
        Forum in Skopje, Macedonia. I advocate for student rights and corruption
        free education system, political science BA. Email: martingalevski@...

        Lisa Smirl. Lecturer in International Relations at Sussex University,
        UK. Email: l.m.smirl@...
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