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Conference: IstanbulBerlin Conference CityDreams/ContendedSpaces, Berlin, 4-5.12.2009

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  • Mieste Hotopp-Riecke
    International conference of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Institute for Turkology (Freie Universität Berlin) and ZWEIHEIMISCH -
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2009
      International conference of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Institute for Turkology (Freie Universität Berlin) and "ZWEIHEIMISCH - Institute of IntegrationResearch in Berlin: 4./5.12.09

      Istanbul is where Turkey’s heart beats, they say. Unlike other cities, more and more visitors have come sightsee and swarm the 12-million-inhabitant-metropolis throughout the last years. Istanbul has become
      one of the economically most dynamic metropolises of Europe. Travellers from all over the world are enthusiastic about Istanbul’s art and music scene, about the lively nightlife with its particular mixture of
      familiar and exotic styles. Istanbul is considered a trendy place. Nevertheless, beyond the flashy shopping centres, the hip cafés, bars and clubs and beyond the artistic mélange there is a quite different Istanbul, too. It’s the city of its inhabitants, of the people who are living and have to make a living in this vast space of urban agglomeration: displaced people from South East Anatolia without
      better occupational outlook, who are looking for a lousy job at the outskirts of the city and have never seen the Bosporus. Young queers who feel protected by the urban anonymity in their search for diverse
      sexual and gender identities. Long-established Romanies whose dwellings and settlements are forced to yield the city’s gentrification process. All these people also mould the face of this city with its dazzling
      2009 is the 20th anniversary of the sister cities Berlin and Istanbul, in 2010 Istanbul wants to present itself as the European Capital of Culture, as a cosmopolitan boom town. In addition, Istanbul is hosting the 6th European Social Forum in June 2010. This set of events is our motive to take a closer look at the Bosporus metropolis: looking from both perspectives, from Berlin, from Istanbul. We’re going to explore the terrain from different points of view of the metropolitan space, such as urban studies, arts and history. Istanbul is offering a particularly alive and bubbly field of political intervention to social scientists, activists and persons engaged in the cultural sector, who will concede us a glance behind the scenes of the magazine look of the city. Istanbul’s bridges do not only cross the Bosporus, they also tauten to Berlin, for example in the field of music – here and there expression of diversity, unrest, enthusiasm, protest and tradition: major city Rock and Ska from Istanbul, Turkish arabesque style and Kurdish Folk from Berlin. Whether it’s about music, film, science or art – in both cities you can find
      reflected the traces of migration, the search for identities and for a living under the conditions of urban transformation.


      Friday 4th of Dec. 2009
      Music spheres between Berlin and Istanbul
      Transcultural space Berlin-Istanbul – city excursion to Berlin-Kreuzberg
      (registration required – limited participants)
      14:00 Opening of the conference
      „Tell me what you listen to, I tell you who you are“ – music as means of political
      positioning and mobilization
      MIESTE HOTOPP-RIECKE (Zweiheimisch)
      Istanbul in Berlin: analysis of the production of a metropolis
      NURETTIN ALPHAN TUNCER (Zweiheimisch)
      page 2
      Music in the context of migration, subculture and politics
      AZIZA A. (musician, German-Turkish Hip Hop)
      PIERRE HECKER (University of Leipzig)
      Host: MEHMET GÖKHAN TUNCER (Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences)
      Evil people do not have songs? Political music in Turkey
      FERHAT TUNÇ (musician and publicist)
      Host: CEM DALAMAN (RBB)
      Saturday, 5th of Dec. 2009
      Istanbul: creativity, spaces and fences
      Metropolis of Istanbul: Between the global and the local
      ÇAĞLAR KEYDER (Boğaziçi University Istanbul)
      Host: ANNE STECKNER (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
      Urban Transformation in Istanbul: critically revisited
      JEAN-FRANÇOIS PÉROUSE (University of Toulouse)
      Host: WASILIS VON RAUCH (Ilisu Action Committee)
      14:00–15:00 lunch break with buffet
      Art meets politics and (sub)culture in Istanbul
      PELĐN TAN (Technical University Istanbul)
      Host: ANNE STECKNER (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
      Movie: «The Other Side of Istanbul» with director DÖNDÜ KILIÇ (New Lies Productions)
      Exhibition: «Becoming Istanbul» with curator PELIN DERVIS (Garanti Galeri)
      Stories of a city: following Istanbul’s traces
      MURAT BELGE, reading from the book «INTERCITY: BERLIN – ISTANBUL»
      Host: ÇAĞLA ILK (Forum Berlin Istanbul)
      Photo exhibitions:
      »Instants« in Istanbul / by IRENE MOLINA RODRÍGUEZ
      »Night« in Berlin / by IBRAHIM COSKUN

      info line:
      Mieste Hotopp-Riecke, M.A.,
      Turcologist / Sociologist / Publisher
      PhD scholar at Institute for Turcology at Freie Universität Berlin &
      Science coordinator at ICaTat - Institute for Caucasica-, Taurica- and Turkestan Studies, Berlin

      http://icatat.wordpress.com/ and

      Kein Triumph der scheinbar gerechten Sache wiegt die Tränen eines einzigen Kindes auf.
      F. Dostojewskij

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