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Event: WBC Brokerage & Networking Session at eChallenges 2009, Istanbul, 22.10.2009

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  • Desiree Pecarz
    Announcement *“EU – Western Balkan countries Brokerage & Networking Session”* *Workshop 9h at the eChallenges e2009 Conference* *22 October 2009 from
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      *“EU – Western Balkan countries Brokerage & Networking Session”*

      *Workshop 9h at the eChallenges e2009 Conference*

      *22 October 2009 from 16:00 to 17:30 hrs*

      *MARMARA Hotel, Taksim Square, Istanbul, TURKEY*

      *The brokerage/networking session*
      Two EU-funded projects, WINS-ICT and ICT-WEB-PROMS, are jointly
      organising an “*EU-Western Balkan countries Brokerage & Networking
      Session” *in the frame of the international event *“eChallenges e-2009
      Conference”* in Istanbul, Turkey from 21 – 23 October 2009.

      This 90 minute session aims at giving interested stakeholders from the
      Western Balkan countries (WBC) and the EU (as well as associated
      countries) the opportunity to meet and network with representatives of
      other organizations as well as to receive information about the ICT
      Programme and WB participation. The programme foresees, first of all, a
      series of presentations about the EU ICT research policy, national
      policies for ICT, participation of WBC and support to WBC. This will be
      followed by a brokerage/networking session where interested stakeholders
      will be given between 3 to 5 minutes each to present their
      organisations, their expertise and their project ideas to the audience.

      *How to participate and how to present your organisation*
      The brokerage/networking session is free of charge but requires
      registration in advance. For registration, please visit
      http://www.wins-ict.eu/istanbul_announcement.html and *submit the
      completed form by 19 October*. Please note that completing the
      registration form secures participation only for the
      brokerage/networking session organised by the ICT-WEB-PROMS and WINS-ICT
      projects. *All participants must also register and pay for access to the
      eChallenges e-2009 Conference*, (see http://www.echallenges.org/e2009/).

      *Participants from both the WBC and the EU who wish to present their
      organisations*, their expertise and their project ideas suitable for
      cooperation under the FP7 ICT Programme, will be given between 3 to 5
      minutes each to present their slides. Those participants wishing to give
      a presentation should register as described above and *send their
      powerpoint slides* (no more than 5 slides), using the template that can
      be downloaded below, to Ms. Ira VATER, e-mail: ira.vater
      <mailto:cmiariti@...>(at)ebanet.eu, *by 16 October*.
      _Some travel grants are still available by WINS-ICT to WB researchers.
      For more information contact Ms Desiree Pecarz, e-mail: pecarz(at)zsi.at
      as soon as possible._

      *The networking stand*
      Besides the brokerage/networking session, the two projects are also
      organising a joint stand throughout the three day eChallenges conference
      to inform interested EU and WBC stakeholders of the projects' activities
      and cooperation opportunities with the WB region. The project teams will
      collect expressions of interest for cooperation and will act as
      intermediaries. The projects are furthermore managing a contact database
      of WB and EU stakeholders operating in the field of ICT, and it will be
      possible to register in this database directly at the stand.

      *The organisers*

      The two projects, *ICT-WEB-PROMS* “Promoting ICT cooperation
      opportunities and policy dialogue with the Western Balkan Countries” and
      *WINS-ICT* “Western Balkan Countries INCO-NET Support in the field of
      ICT” are two EU-funded Specific Support Actions aiming at enhancing
      scientific and research cooperation between the Western Balkan region
      and the EU, specifically in the theme of Information & Communication
      Technologies (ICT).

      * *

      *For questions, please contact:*

      Ms. Ira VATER, e-mail: ira.vater <mailto:cmiariti@...>(at)ebanet.eu

      Ms. Desiree Pecarz, e-mail: pecarz(at)zsi.at

      Mr. Huseyin METIN, e-mail: huseyin.metin(at)tubitak.gov.tr



      Désirée Pecarz
      ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
      Linke Wienzeile 246
      A-1150 Vienna, Austria
      ZVR: 757405110

      Phone: +43-1-495 0442 39
      Fax: +43-1-495 0442 40

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