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New Book: The Battle of Kosovo - a commentated English edition of the Albanian epic

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  • Anna Di Lellio
    The Battle of Kosovo 1389 An Albanian Epic Anna Di Lellio; With translations by Robert Elsie Robert Elsie’s beautiful new translation brings a littleknown
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2009
      The Battle of Kosovo 1389
      An Albanian Epic
      Anna Di Lellio; With translations by Robert Elsie
      Robert Elsie�s beautiful new translation brings a littleknown Albanian epic account of the battle between the Ottoman Sultan Murat I and a coalition of Balkan forces brilliantly to life. Anna Di Lellio�s sensitive commentary explores the significance of this epic poem and of the battle more generally in postwar Kosovo in reinforcing a collective identity that emphasizes resistance against foreign oppression and identifies strongly with a European, predominantly Christian culture. The Battle of Kosovo is an important addition to our understanding of the past, present and future of this complex Balkan nation as well as the broader issues of national memory and identity.

      ANNA DI LELLIO is Lecturer at the Graduate Program in International Relations at the New School University in New York and at the Kosovo Institute of Journalism and Communication in Prishtina. She is the editor of The Case for Kosova: A Passage to Independence.
      ROBERT ELSIE is a writer, translator, interpreter and specialist in Albanian studies. Among his numerous publications is the translation of the Albanian classic, Gjergj Fishta�s The Highland Lute (I.B.Tauris).

      From the jacket:

      "The construction of national identities in the Balkans has been a fascinating process of creativity and destruction, of enrichment and impoverishment, for the history of the ethno-linguistic groups who once shared a common past. The Battle of Kosovo 1389 vividly illustrates this tragic duplicity, which continues even today in the region among Albanians and Serbs, as well as other ethnic groups and can often descend in to a history of insults and injuries. In contrast Anna Di Lellio suggests how, through the confrontation of different narratives of the same past, it is possible to build a post-nationalist narrative."
      Fatos Lubonja, author of Second Sentence: Inside the Albanian Gulag

      "Anna Di Lellio has afforded us a rare insight into an alternative - Albanian - tradition of the Battle of Kosovo. This valuable collection, meticulously translated, edited and commented, represents a labor of love that is simultaneously of great importance for all students of the Balkan past."
      Ivo Banac, Bradford Durfee Professor of History, Yale University

      "A superb volume with a fluent, close and eloquent translation. The Battle of Kosovo 1389 is a remarkable feat of synthesis - of interest to folklorists, linguists, anthropologists, Ottomanists and those who are interested in movements in contemporary history."
      Harry Norris, Professor Emeritus, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

      192 pp. / 1848850948 / $59.50 cl. / I. B. Tauris

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