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New Publication: Neighborhood Challenge. The EU and Its Neighbors

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  • Birgul Demirtas
    Neighborhood Challenge The European Union and Its Neighbors Bezen Balamir-Coskun & Birgul Demirtas-Coskun (eds.) Boca Raton, Florida, Universal Publishers,
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      Neighborhood Challenge 

      The European Union and Its Neighbors


      Bezen Balamir-Coskun & Birgul Demirtas-Coskun (eds.)


      Boca Raton, Florida, Universal Publishers, 2009


      ISBN: 1-59942-968-3







      Part I  Western Balkans


      1 The EU in the Western Balkans: Setting the Foundations

      of a Cohesive Strategy?                                                                                                                                

      Vasilis MARGARAS


      2 On Cops and Robbers: European Union Policy

      on the Problem of Organized Crime in Bosnia Herzegovina     

      Ana E. JUNCOS


      3 EU’s Kosovo Policy: Multiple Challenges,

      Challenging Answers?                                                            



      Part II Middle East


      4 Greater Middle East and North Africa Project and EU Policy          

      İdris BAL


      5 The Involvement of the European Union in the

      Middle East Peace Process                                                             

      Umut UZER


      6 The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership – On good intentions, shopping lists and à la carte menus                                                    



      7 Limited Possibilities: Defining the Interaction between the EU and GCC, Christian KOCH



      8 EU’s Role in Iran’s Quest for Nuclear Policy                                                                    

      Mustafa KİBAROĞLU





      Part III Russia and the CIS


      9 The South Caucasus in the European Periphery                             



      10 EU Policy toward Central Asia                                                  

      Yelda DEMİRAĞ


      11 Inner-Caspian Neighbourhood Challenge for the EU:

      Significance and Characteristics of an Energy Hub      

      Mert BİLGİN


      12 Opportunities and Challenges for Cooperation in the

      Black Sea Region: The EU and the BSEC                                       

      Emel OKTAY


      13 EU Security Involvement in the

      Greater Black Sea Area: A Romanian Perspective                            

      Christina ROMILA


      14 Eropean Union’s Neighbourhood Relations

      with Eastern Europe and Russia: Values, Interests and Future Challenges for

      EU Foreign Policy                                                                           

      Giselle BOSSE


      15 The EU Policies toward the Ukraine                                                                              

      Sergiy GLEBOV


      16 EU Relations with Uzbekistan since Independence          

      Havva KÖK



      Part IV Turkey: Bridge to Neighborhood?


      17 Linking Turkey’s EU Accession Process and

      the ENP Regional Initiative: Necessary Cross-Border

      Cooperation with South Caucasus                                                   



      18 Turkey between the Middle East and the EU: Boundaries,

      and Bridges                                                             





      The EU’s Neighborhood Challenge                                                  




      For further information:






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