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  • Endri Dibra
    Dear colleagues, I am Blendi Dibra President of IRSH NGO which is working in the development of civil society in North Albania. Now we are participating till
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000

                 Dear colleagues,

      I am Blendi Dibra President of "IRSH" NGO which is working in the
      development of civil society in North Albania. Now we are
      participating till 12 October 2000 in course on Democracy in
      Brenderup, Denmark.

      As we are looking for new partners we would like to collaborate with
      You !

      By this message we are sending a short summary of "IRSH" activity

      Best wishes
      Blendi Dibra
      President of association "Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese"
      L:"Qemal Stafa", Rr:"Daut Bori�i", 874
      Shkoder, Albania
      Tel/Fax: 00355 22 41229
      E-mail: irsh@...

      "IRSH" association was funded by a group of students and professors
      in April
      1994 and licensed by the Albanian Ministry of Culture Youth and
      Sports in
      June 1994.
      “IRSH“ is an umbrella NGO (with 10 NGO members and around 200
      members who for the most part are volunteer) where individuals and
      NGO-s as
      their profile are grouped by section, each of which has a
      representative on
      the Board.
      “IRSH” work in the development of civil society in Northern Albania.

      Some of the activities of “IRSH” in its five-year life are:

      1.Round tables on the blood feud (revenge) phenomenon.
      2."Role play" with law student and faculty.
      3."The week of Italian culture in the city of Shkodra"
      4.Round table on peace and disarmament of the population with the
      "Don't kill the smile of your children"
      5."Stop clandestine" a youth meeting by the Adriatic seaside.
      6.A photoexhibition on Albanian-Italian relations 1900-1950 etc,etc.

      At the beginning of 1999 started collaboration with the "Threshold
      Foundation".Our first project was "Contributions for Civil Society,
      and Democratic Participation in Northern Albania"
      The aims of this educational project were to promote information
      about the
      following topics:

      1) Implementation and protection of Human Rights
      2) Achieving equal rights for women and men
      3) How to promote democratic structures and citizens participation in
      in the region of Northern Albania
      4) Promoting the creation of other small non-governmental
      organisations (NGOs)
      in villages in Northern Albania ("snowball effect") with the aim of
      promotioning these general projects aims (as listed here) and also
      promoting a
      democratic network between these NGOs
      5) Training people how to get free and independent information from
      and other information sources
      6) Steps towards overcoming the blood feud problem

      But with the beginning of the Kosova crises our association somewhat
      its direction, playing a active role by giving modest help by
      offering to
      three family from Drenica, Kosovo the house of our association. Also
      February 1999 "IRSH" ha been publishing a monthly
      newspaper "Identity" (a
      resume of the information, translated to English on the last page)
      - In collaboration with the "Identity" association and UNDP our
      "IRSH" in March 1999 started a project with the aim to publicise
      people in
      rural areas of Northern Albania among the woman rights.
      - September 1999 - March 2000 in collaboration with "Soros"
      Foundation our
      association has organise an elementary course in economics and
      marketing for
      women in Shkodra to promote the jobs for women.
      - March - June 2000 in collaboration with “Threshold
      Foundation”, “IRSH” has
      organise a Roma school in Shkodra city
      - June - August in collaboration with "IRC" has organise some
      trainings on
      the capacity building.

      For the year 2001 "IRSH" association is planning a project which
      needs a
      basic financial support:
      The organisation of a regional centre for the development of civil
      society in North Albania to which contributions from all the local and
      international NGO are invited.
      Some of the activities which this Centre will offer are:
      The exchange of information about the region.
      Different activities in the promotion of human rights. Will
      particularly be supported initiatives in the promotion of women and
      Trainings on conflict resolutions, on democracy, on capacity building
      Cross border activity.
      Consulence and advocacy.

      As with all the projects of "IRSH", we welcome collaboration with all
      kinds of
      partners (NGOs, Institutions, local and central government etc). We
      wish to
      share our assets: information, advice, hospitality, meeting place
      etc. We also
      seek financial and material contributions.


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