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CfP: Ottoman Empire and European Theatre,Vienna/Istanbul, 24.4-5.6.2009

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    From: Michael Huettler Date: 07.08.2008 Subject: CFP: Ottoman Empire and European Theatre Don Juan Archiv Wien in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
      From: Michael Huettler <michael.huettler@...>

      Date: 07.08.2008
      Subject: CFP: Ottoman Empire and European Theatre

      Don Juan Archiv Wien in Co-operation with the UNESCO International

      Theatre Institute Vienna and the Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul,
      Vienna; Istanbul
      24.04.2009-05.06.2009, Vienna; Istanbul
      Deadline: 15.10.2008

      Ottoman Empire and European Theatre. Part II: Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) &
      Friends - from Sultan Mahmud I to Sultan Mahmud II

      Don Juan Archiv Wien invites you to submit your abstracts and
      participate in a series of symposia entitled “Ottoman Empire and
      European Theatre” to share your achievements in the fields of theatre,
      cultural, and performance studies. After the inaugural conferences in
      2008, “The Age of Sultan Selim III and Mozart (1756-1808)” (see,
      www.donjuanarchiv.at/symposia.hml ), the 2009 symposia will focus on W.
      A. Mozart's friend Joseph Haydn and commemorate the 200th anniversary of
      his death in Vienna on May 31, 1809. The historical importance of the
      Ottoman Empire's presence in Europe is highlighted by its frequent
      appearance in theatre. The aim of the symposia is to explore on the one
      hand, the various performative expressions of eighteenth-century Turkish
      / Ottoman culture and diplomacy on European theatre stages, and on the
      other hand, the appearance of European theatre and opera in the Ottoman
      Empire, and the Ottoman attitude towards Europe.

      Don Juan Archiv Wien in Cooperation with the UNESCO International
      Theatre Institute in Vienna and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul

      Dates and Venues:
      - Vienna, Austria: 24th ­ 25th April 2009 at the UNESCO ITI,
      Tuerkenstrasse 19, A-1090 Vienna
      - Istanbul, Turkey: 4th ­ 5th June 2008 at the Austrian Cultural Forum,
      Yenikoey, TR-34464 Istanbul

      Topics for papers:
      The Ottoman Empire and European Theatre, with especial focus on the age
      of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), including:
      - From Sultans to Gardeners: The 'Turkish / Ottoman Subject' in the
      eighteenth-century European theatre:
      - in Joseph Haydn’s (stage)works such as e.g. Lo speziale (1768), or
      L’incontro improvviso (1775);
      - in the compositions by Haydn's friends and contemporaries, including
      Karl Friebert (1736-1816), Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792), Antonio
      Salieri (1750-1825), Peter von Winter (1754-1825), among others;
      - in the theatre texts of Haydn’s contemporaries, e.g. Christian Felix
      Weisse (1726-1804), and others;
      - in popular comedy (e.g. in Hans-Wurst plays) and puppet theatre
      - Diplomacy and Theatre: events, relations and their representation on
      - Theatrical performances in the Ottoman Empire, regarding all genres
      and areas and the art of entertainment in the eighteenth-century Ottoman

      For examples of topics addressed at the 2008 symposia, see the table of
      contents of the forthcoming book at

      Paper Proposals:
      Scholars and artists who wish to present papers are invited to submit
      proposals containing the following:
      - A one-page abstract of the proposed paper naming the presenter(s);
      - Contact information: name, title, position, university or
      institutional affiliation, postal address, telephone, fax, and email, (a
      form is available for download at
      www.donjuanarchiv.at/symposia/symposia-2009.html ); and
      - A 75-100-word bio of the presenter(s), including recent publications.
      Download form at www.donjuanarchiv.at/symposia/symposia-2009.html

      Please submit proposals to: office(at)donjuanarchiv(dot)at
      The official language of the symposia is English. Each presentation
      should last 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes for discussion). Papers
      presented will be published in fall 2009.
      Deadline for submission of proposals: October 15, 2008
      For updated programme and any further information please contact:
      Don Juan Archiv Wien Goethegasse 1, A-1010 Vienna; phone: +43-1-2365605
      fax: +43-1-2365605-25
      e-mail: office(at)donjuanarchiv(dot)at web:

      Michael Huettler
      Don Juan Archiv Wien, Goethegasse 1/4/1, A-1010 Wien
      Homepage <www.donjuanarchiv.at/symposia.html>
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