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New Publication: Policy Analysis in Macedonia

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  • zxidas
    Dear members, The latest newsletter of the Center for Research and Policy Making is available here.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2008
      Dear members,

      The latest newsletter of the Center for Research and Policy Making
      is available here.

      Four months since the NATO Summit in Bucharest Macedonia is faced
      with insurmountable obstacles in its quest for Euro-Atlantic
      integration. Athens has continued its pressure on NATO and EU allies
      to stall or reject the Macedonian integration drive until the
      country changes its name. While the European Council underlined that
      further steps in the Macedonian progress towards the EU are possible
      by the end of this yearÂ…maintaining good neighbourly relations,
      including a negotiated and mutually acceptable solution on the name
      issue, remains essential. The Center for Research and Policy Making
      (CRPM) continued seeking influence in Macedonia and internationally
      on the policy debate over the so-called "name issue." Our policy
      study on the issue elaborates that pushing Macedonia to negotiate
      the non-negotiable, its name and identity, amounts to posing
      additional and undemocratic criteria for membership to the EU and
      NATO, a policy that delegitimizes the principle of "conditionality"
      one of the main instruments of the EU in the enlargement process.
      The brief provides policy options to resolve the imbroglio arguing
      that only a settlement that recognizes the Macedonians and respects
      their national rights will be of lasting value and contribute to
      stability and tranquility in Southeastern Europe.

      Meanwhile we have also influenced the debate over the Macedonian
      recognition of Kosovo producing an illuminating study. In its recent
      policy briefs CRPM has also discussed various other important issues
      for the country such as the Macedonian progress within the
      decentralization reform regarding property taxation. We have also
      made an assessment of the implications of Diagnosis Related Groups
      (hereinafter: DRGs), policy measure introduced as payment tool at
      hospital level health care, on various groups of women and men
      (urban, rural and those belonging to an ethnic minority). CRPM
      delivers a cutting edge analysis that provides the public with
      relevant information on the most pressing issues facing the country.
      More details about all our most current efforts you will find in
      this newsletter.

      read more in our latest newsletter.


      Zhidas Daskalovski
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