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CfA: Summer Courses in Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization , Brasov, 13.7-2.8.2008

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  • Ioana Ofileanu
    Courses in Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization -14th edition Brasov, July 13th-August 2nd Learn Romanian in Romania! The Romanian Cultural Institute
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2008
      Courses in Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization
      -14th edition
      Brasov, July 13th-August 2nd

      Learn Romanian in Romania!

      The Romanian Cultural Institute organizes courses in Romanian language, culture and civilization in the 12th century citadel of Brasov. A multicultural environment, Brasov (Corona, Kronstradt, Brasso) was renown as a big medieval trade centre, but also as a cultural and academic fortress. Brasov is the place where the first sparkle of an anticommunist uprising appeared in 1987.

      The Structure of the Programme
      A. Intensive courses in Romanian language:
      1. Beginners’ level - this level aims to ensure the achievement of basic writing and speaking skills; at the end of the programme students are expected to be able to understand and formulate short sentences relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness.
      2. Intermediate level - the courses aims to upgrade the acquired knowledge with an emphasis on conversational skills, by means of creative activities.
      3. Advanced level - the students will improve their speaking and writing skills, and will practice communication in complicated and complex situations

      The courses in Romanian language are based on a flexible curriculum, adapted to the students’ needs, combining basic vocabulary and grammar lessons, group and individual activities that aim to develop fluency in communication and to consolidate grammar structures. The language course support includes textbooks, literary and historical texts, folklore, newspaper articles, audio-visual means.
      In order to improve the efficiency of the courses, the participants are enrolled in several study groups, based on an initial language test. Each study group is made of 10-12 students.
      The instructors are native Romanian speakers and universities graduates. The Romanian Cultural Institute selects experienced lecturers, according to their professional skills but also for their friendly attitude, enthusiasm and patience. The instructors come from the University of Brasov and the University of Bucharest.

      Certificate of Attendance: At the end of the programme students will undergo a test assessing their Romanian speaking and writing skills. As a result, they will obtain a qualification grade. All the students who have attended at least 90% of the daily classes will obtain a certificate of attendance.

      B. Courses in Romanian culture and civilization: Lectures, given in English, cover local history, literature, Transyilvanian traditions, ethnography, cinema, politics, journalism and are recommended to all those who wish to deepen their knowledge about various aspects of Romanian culture and civilization. The talks are given by university professors and researchers from Bucharest and Brasov, professionals with a deep understanding of their fields of expertise.

      C. Creative Workshops
      1. Creative writing (for advanced students)
      2. 19th century Ball dancing
      3. Clay modeling
      4. Retro-costumes (19th century)

      Services and Facilities
      Location: The courses take place in the city of Brasov (300.000 inhabitants),
      Official opening of the programme: July 13th, 2008.
      Closing ceremony - August 2nd, 2008.
      Classes will take place at the Faculty of Letters (M Building) of the University Transylvania Brasov. The workshops are to held at the Muresenilor Memorial House, Stefan Baciu Memorial House and the Brasov Opera.

      Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm - lessons in Romanian language (on 3 levels). A class lasts 50 minutes. The lectures in Romanian culture and civilization and the creative workshops will take place in the afternoon, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

      Cultural and Sightseeing Program:
      - The students will be able to attend film screening twice a week, followed by debates with directors, producers and film critiques. The productions are signed by reknown Romanian film directors, awarded with prizes at the great European film festivals - Thessaloniki (Greece), Paris (France), Cottbus (Germany), Trieste (Italy), Bratislava (Slovakia), Cluj (Romania), Cannes (France).
      - Documentation visits shall be organized during week-ends in the Old City of Brasov, the fortified Saxon castles Harman, Prjemer, Viscri, the Bran castle, the Rupea fortress, the Cezar Petrescu Memorial House in Busteni, the Peles Complex in Sinaia (Peles, Pelisor, Foisor), the George Enescu Memorial House in Sinaia, the Sinca Noua village (an event organized within the ICR program “The last folk rhapsodes”, a series of Romanian traditional music, meant to get the urban public acquainted with genuine folklore). These site visits benefit from the informed comments of young historians, sociologists, music critiques and art historians, specialized in researching the region, its history, traditions and the exceptional socio-cultural and ethnographic milieu maintained in this area of Romania. Moreover, contests on historical and anthropological issues in the Old Fortress and the fortified towers will be organized.
      - The ball dancing (especially the Romana dance, en vogue with the Brasov families in the second half of the 19th century) will be co-ordinated by a choreographer from the Brasov Opera and will be exemplified by a couple of professional ballet dancers.
      Accommodation during the whole period (single or double rooms) will be made in 3 stars hotels located within a walkable distance from the Faculty of Letters and are valid until August 2nd, 12.00 pm.
      Meals: breakfast included at each hotel location; lunch and dinner are served at the hotel’s restaurant.
      Registration of participants: Saturday, July 13th at the reception of the hotel.

      The minimum age for attendance is 18.
      The completed application form, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a copy of the passport (the page with the personal data) and a copy confirming the payment of the participation fee are to be sent to the Romanian Cultural Institute.

      Participation Fee: 960 EUROs (950 EUROs + 10 EUROs registration fee)
      The participation fee covers the following expenses: registration, tuition, workshops, trips, other additional activities included in the programme and meals.
      The costs for accommodation at the hotel (single or double rooms) will be covered by the Romanian Cultural Institute.
      The participation fee does not cover the international or internal transport, the entrance visa (if needed) or any other additional hotel services.

      Important! The participants are responsible to purchase their own international health insurances. The organizers will not cover the costs of hospitalization or other medical services.

      ABOUT US
      For applications/additional information:
      38, Aleea Alexandru 011824, Sector 1 - Bucharest, Romania

      -Programme Co-ordinator: Mona Moldoveanu
      E-mail: mona@...; Phone: (4) 0317 100 618, (4) 0317 100 621; Fax: (4) 0317 100 620
      -Director of the Domestic Programs Department: Oana-Valentina Suciu
      E-mail: oana.suciu@...; Phone: (4) 0317 100 616, Fax: (4) 0317 100 606
      -Program Assistants: Denisa Mirena Piscu: denisa.piscu@...
      Sorin Cucerai: sorin.cucerai@...

      Please visit http://www.icr.ro/cursuri_brasov.
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