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Conference: Balkan Science Conference of Students of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, 17-20.4.2008

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  • Student's association of Medicine, Dentis
    *Welcome to the Balkan Science Conference of Students of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy* *European Medical Student Association Macedonia* & *Student s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2008
      *Welcome to the Balkan Science Conference of Students of Medicine,
      Dentistry and Pharmacy*

      *European Medical Student Association Macedonia* & *Student's association of
      Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of Macedonia *are organizing the *BALKAN

      * Ohrid, Macedonia in the period of *

      *17 April to 20 April 2008 *

      * *

      The idea behind the organization of this congress is to give the opportunity
      of medical students all over the world and also especially giving an accent
      of Balkan countries developing an opportunity of mutual sharing of science
      information and developing higher ground for mutual understanding, promoting
      more strong communication and helping each other in the educational process.

      Dear colleagues,

      It is my special honor and pleasure to invite you to the Balkan Science
      Conference for Students from the Faculty of Medicine, Stomatology and
      Pharmacy that will be heald from the *17th April till the 20th of April
      2008* in *Ohrid**, Macedonia*.

      The conference will be attended by well known to the world experts from the
      Balkans. With the purpose of expanding our horizons, to present our working
      experiences & exchange information and ideas through working sessions and
      social programme that will answer the needs of the attending students.

      I invite you to attend this Conference as important to us as organizers and
      to you as a way to go ahead in the world of medical knowledge.

      The organizing of the conference, in Ohrid Macedonia which is the cultural
      treasure of the Balkans and the center of all Slavic literature, gives this
      assembly *an exceptional charm and spiritual deepness and the possibility of
      gaining a particular experience*. In Ohrid the city that has lived for *2400
      years* and in which the scientifique ideas and work were institutionalized
      for the first time in Europe. This was achieved for the first time in Europe
      with the formation of the Ohrid University by St. Clement of Ohrid in the 9
      th century, which gives you the opportunity to visit the numerous churches
      whose icons have been created in the period from the 9th till the 19thcentury.

      *The famous Fortress of King Samoil, Plaosnik, the National Park Galicica
      and, above all, to enjoy the beauties of the Ohrid Lake*, the purest lake
      known for the unique vegetation and species of animals. In Ohrid you will be
      able to taste *traditional Macedonian kitchen *& *national Macedonian vines*.

      I am looking forward seeing you in Ohrid, hoping that we will manage to
      organize a successful scientifique meeting & an unforgettable experience.

      *Sincerely yours EMSA-Macedonia & SAMDP-Macedonia*
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