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CfP: 4th Kosovar and Regional Student Conference about Social Issues, Prishtina, 9-10.5.2008

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  • Erëblir Kadriu
    To Whom It May Concern: This letter is an invitation to participate in the 4th Kosovar and Regional Student Conference about Social Issues. This conference—a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2008
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      To Whom It May Concern:

      This letter is an invitation to participate in the 4th
      Kosovar and Regional Student Conference about Social
      Issues. This conference—a continuation of the highly
      successful 1st , 2nd and 3rd Conferences about Social
      issues—gathers youth from around Kosova to discuss
      important social issues facing Kosova. Ultimately, the
      3rd Kosovar and Regional Student Conference about
      Social issues aims to bring students from different
      ethnicities together in the effort to:

      • provide an opportunity for the youth to present
      scientific studies in a professional manner.

      • create an environment in which the professional
      exchange of student ideas can occur.

      • create an environment in which youth can engage in
      discussions and debate about issues important to the

      • generate new ideas and offer potential solutions to
      social issues.

      • encourage youth to be active participants in

      • build ‘cooperative bridges’ among young people from
      different municipalities and ethnic groups.

      • inform public opinion about issues facing youth and
      the need to solve these problems.

      ASK cordially invites students from high schools
      throughout the region (Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia,
      Montenegro, and Albania) to participate in this
      conference. It is our hope that students regardless of
      their ethnic, religious, or cultural background will
      gather together and create an environment in which
      participants of the conference can exchange views
      about issues facing society in the spirit of respect
      and cooperation.

      Yes, I Wish to Participate. What does the Conference
      look like?

      Students research any social issue they believe is
      both relevant and pertinent to their society or the
      region. After choosing a topic of research, each
      student/group of students must then write an original,
      well-researched and well-argued research paper
      examining their chosen issue. The final reports will
      then be submitted and reviewed by a panel of experts.
      The panel of experts will select the best reports.
      These reports will then be presented at the
      Conference. The selected students will present in the
      format of a 15 minute presentation. Following each
      presentation 15 minutes will be allotted for
      questions, answers and debate. During each
      presentation there will be simultaneous translation in
      English and Albanian. At the end of the conference,
      students who participated will receive a “Certificate
      of Excellence”. Those who submitted reports but were
      not asked to present will receive a “Certificate of

      The Conference will be held in Prishtina, Kosova, at
      the American School of Kosova. Participants from
      municipalities or countries other than Prishtina will
      be accommodated in the ASK dormitories free of charge.
      ASK will cover both transportation (by bus) and
      accommodation expenses necessary for the participants.

      What I Need to Know

      For those interested in participating in this
      conference, here is a list of the most important

      -The final date of submission is April 4, 2008.
      Reports should be original and authentic. Each report
      must be submitted as a hard copy together with a copy
      of the report on CD. Reports must be submitted at the
      American School of Kosova in Prishtina.

      -A maximum of three people in each group.

      -Those selected for presentation at the conference
      will be notified on April 30, 2008.

      -The Conference will be a two-day event, taking place
      on May 9 and 10, 2008.

      -Transportation costs (by bus) and accommodation
      expenses will be covered by ASK.

      -The official language of the conference is English.
      Kosovar students may submit reports in English or
      Albanian. Students residing in countries outside of
      Kosovo must submit reports in English. We will provide
      simultaneous translation from the local language into
      English and vice versa.

      Should you have any additional questions, please do
      not hesitate to contact us either phone or email
      (shown above).

      For additional information about the conference please
      visit our website at
      www.ask-conference.org. Information about writing APA
      style research papers and additional guidelines about
      the conference can be found by following the
      appropriate links.

      The American School of Kosova and the organizing group
      is looking forward to your participation.


      + 377 44 403 504


      Ereblir Kadriu Erwin Selimos
      Conference Director Conference Assist. Director
    • Cristian Ducu
      New Book: Valentin Muresan, Cristian Ducu (eds.), Proceedings of the International Conference “John Stuart Mill. 1806-2006”, University of Bucharest,
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 23, 2008
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        New Book:
        Valentin Muresan, Cristian Ducu (eds.), Proceedings of the International Conference “John Stuart Mill. 1806-2006”, University of Bucharest , November 3-4, 2006; University of Bucharest Press, Bucharest , 2007, 315 pp. ISBN: 978-973-737-412-7.
        This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the “John Stuart Mill. 1806-2006” International Conference held at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, between 3-4 November 2008.  An electronic version will be available on-line at the end of January 2008.
        Editors’ Note
        J.R. Lucas, Can the Theory of Games Save Mill’s “Utilitarianism”?
        Christopher Kirwan, The Shape of Mill’s Proof in Chapter 4 of “Utilitarianism”
        Valentin Muresan, A Sympathetic Approach to Mill’s ‘Proof’
        John Skorupski, Liberalism as Free Thought
        Rob Devigne, J.S. Mill and the Politics of Liberty and Wisdom
        George Schedler, A Conflict in “On Liberty ”
        Adrian-Paul Iliescu, J.S. Mill’s Views on Democracy: Are They Still Valid?
        Cristian Ducu, J.S. Mill’s Arguments for Non-Intervention
        Eldon Eisenach, Migrations of ‘Spirit’ in Mill’s Theory of History
        Peter Cave, Sex Objects: Subjections, Objections and Fictions – all Grist to his Mill
        Dimitris Sotiropoulos, J.S. Mill in the History of Economic Thought: should he be regarded as a neoclassical economist?
        Dragan Stoianovici, On Mill’s Philosophy of the Syllogism
        Sorin Costreie, Proper Names: Mill, Russell and Frege
        About Contributors
        Cristian Ducu, PhD cand.

        Faculty of Philosophy
        University of Bucharest

        204 Splaiul Independentei
        Bucharest , 060024, Romania

        Web:       http://www.hybris.ro/cducu/
        E-mail:    delac ineva @ya hoo.com
        Mobil:     +04 072 251 6889
        Fax:         +04 (021) 313 0806

        Cristian Ducu, PhD cand.
        General Manager

        consulting - technology - training – support

        Mobil: +04 072 251 6889
        Fax: +04 031 816 2421
        E-mail: cristian.ducu@...
        Skype: cristian.ducu
        Web: www.omnisolutions.ro
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