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  • Florian Bieber
    We welcome the following new members to Balkan Academic News: Perin Arkun. I am a Ph.D candidate at the University of Denver, Graduate School of International
    Message 1 of 188 , Aug 4, 2000
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      We welcome the following new members to Balkan Academic News:

      Perin Arkun. I am a Ph.D candidate at the University of Denver, Graduate
      School of International Studies. I am working on my dissertation research
      and looking into the role that NGOs play in rebuilding multiethnic
      societies and civil society/community development initiatives. Email:

      Michael R. Stanisich. I am currently a student at Georgetown University in
      Washington DC. I am studying Int'l law with hopes of assisting the Balkans
      in the transition of their economic and social policies. Email:

      Josette Baer. Currently I'm a research fellow at the Institute of
      Philosophy, University of Zurich. My PhD was on the notion of democracy of
      Thomas Garrigue Masaryk and Vaclav Havel. My main research interests are
      slavonic political thought, democratization of post-socialist societies and
      normative principles of international politics. Concerning the Balkans I'm
      specializing on Bulgaria and Macedonia. Email: jbaer@...

      Martina Staznik. I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I am still a student of
      political science in Zagreb at a Faculty of Political Science.I worked as
      vice editor in chief in student newspaper, then I was editor and moderator
      at a panel discussion "5 to 12" in Europe House Zagreb. In 1999/2000. I was
      coordinator in pre-electoral campaign in Croatia GLAS 99. Email:

      Rita Maran. I teach International Human Rights Law at the U. of California
      at Berkeley, and also at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. I was
      seconded to the OSCE Human Rights office in Sarajevo by the US State Dept
      in 1997, and have since continued working on a human rights education
      project with NGOs in BiH. Email: ritam@...

      Nicholas Yatromanolakis is the Research and Outreach Coordinator of the
      Kokkalis Program on Southeastern and East-Central Europe at Harvard
      University. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the John F.
      Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and a Bachelors Degree in
      Political Science and International Relations from Panteion University,
      Athens. He was formerly employed as the head of the Information and
      Documentation department of the Hellenic Foundation for European and
      Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in Athens. He has contributed in volumes on
      Southeastern Europe and the Greek-Turkish relations. His research interests
      focus on strategic management, the nonprofit sector, and the application of
      system dynamics and decision analysis theories as well as the new
      technologies in international affairs. He is fluent in Greek and German.
      Email: NYatromanolakis@...
    • Balkan Academic News
      We welcome the following new subscribers to Balkan Academic News: Branimira Mrak, and I am professor of German and English language and literature. Born 1975
      Message 188 of 188 , Nov 11, 2003
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        We welcome the following new subscribers to Balkan Academic News:

        Branimira Mrak, and I am professor of German and English language and literature. Born 1975 in Osijek, Republic of Croatia.  Presently coordinating the Zagreb office of IIZ-DVV (German Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association), furthermore active in Croatian women's NGOs. Fields of interest German & English literature, gender studies. Email: iiz-dvv@....

        Antuen Skenderi. I am a final year student BA.(Hons) International Relations at the University of Malta. However my interest about the balkans comes primarily from nationality (Albanian) and I am interested and try and be updated on what it  is happening in the region, and also because of this strong tie I am writing my disertation On the ' Overlapping' Balkans identities. I hope this is going to be a useful experience! Email: antuen1@....
        Ljiljana Mrakovcic, I'm Croatian, currently working in Portugal and possibly developing a PhD thesis about international civil administrations in post-conflict situations in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. Email: lilarozica@....

        Rossitza Guentcheva. I am currently a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, where I am a member of the Cultural Mobility Group. I have an MA in History from Sofia University and another one from the Central European University in Budapest. I did my PhD at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of History. My interests are in the field of contemporary social and cultural history and history of socialism. Email: 03GURO@...

        Ali ibraimi and I come from Macedonia. I am currently  studying at the department of Translation and Interpreting at Bosphorous University, Istanbul.I am a sophomore student. Email: liloib@....

        Emmanuel Nekic. I am a 25 years old french croat. I currently live in Berlin. I graduated political science in Toulouse, France and then at the College of Europe in Warsaw. I worked for a year at the french embasssy in Zagreb. I also took part into the network "le courrier des balkans", a french online news website on the balkans, which i recommand you : www.balkans.eu.org In Croatia, I appreciated, the news website www.iskon.hr. I am very interested in debates about administration reform in the balkans, accession to EU, economic opportunities and statistical datas.Email: emmanuelnekic@....

        Amra Dapo. I come from Bosnia. I am a teacher of English langauage in the local grammar school. I am interested in academic activities in our region. Email: amra_dapo@....

        Anjeza Doko. I'm from Abania.i'm studing psychology at Sosial Science Faculty at Tirana University. I'm 20 years old and i like so much keep in contact with new people ,travel,and above all perform my academic accomplishment. Email: anjezadoko@....

        Chilmi Emin Kechagia. I'm from Greece, Western Thrace. I'm a third year student of Bogaziçi University, that is in Istanbul in Turkey. Here, I'm studying Translation-Interpreting. Email: dimariotis@....

        Miftar Spahija. -Works for Morgan Staneley. -Is interested in international issues and peace and conflict studies. Email: Miftar.Spahija@....

        Mikko Väyrynen, a Finn currently living in Zagreb where I'm finishing my Master's thesis on German support to Slovenian and Croatian independence for the University of Helsinki. I have published articles and reports on other foreign policy related subjects during my employment at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Email: mmsvayry@...

        Dan Kvistbo. I am a student of Eastern European (effectively South Eastern European) studies, Political Science and "serbian/croatian/bosnian" language at the University of Copenhagen. I am also a reserve officer with a danish humanitarian governmental organisation and prior to my studies, I worked three years with various NGO's in the former Yugoslavia (mainly Croatia, BiH, Macedonia (FYROM) and Kosovo/a). Initially concentrating on both the language(s) and the history of former Yugoslavia, my focus has turned to the contemporary politics of the successor states, with an emphasis on foreign policy, i.e. in particular a) the respective states' relations with the EU, the UN (not least the ICTY) and other important international and regional actors, and b) their bilateral relations. I can be reached at kvistbo@... 
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