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CfA: Adopt Srebrenica, International Cooperation For Memory, Srebrenica, 27.8-1.9.2007

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    ADOPT SREBRENICA “International Cooperation For Memory” Srebrenica 27.08 – 01.09.2007 An International Week of dialogue dedicated to memory will take
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      “International Cooperation For Memory”
      Srebrenica 27.08 – 01.09.2007

      An International Week of dialogue dedicated to memory will take place in
      Srebrenica from August 27th to September 1st, 2007, a week open to the
      participation of representative institutions' members, scholars,
      researchers, journalists, artists, cultural animators, students and curious
      coming from the Balcan region as well as from the rest of Europe.
      The International Week is to be placed in the frame of the project „Adopt
      Srebrenica“, promoted by the association Tuzlanska Amica, Tuzla (BiH) and
      the Alexander Langer Foundation, Bolzano (Italy), with the active
      involvement of the Municipality of Srebrenica and various public
      administrations, as well as research centres and Italian and International
      volunteering associations.

      The long-term objectives of the project are:

      - Promotion of a confidence building process and of intercultural
      dialogue, support to a culture of peace and living together, creation of a
      shareable historical memory;
      - Founding of an International Centre in Srebrenica for the
      research, documentation, study and education on the analysis, prevention
      and management conflicts: A place dedicated to the meeting, exchange and
      permanent confrontation for the youth of the area and International groups
      of visitors.

      The project is possible thanks to the adhesion and support of:

      Municipality of Srebrenica, Municipality of Pescara, Region Abruzzo,
      Region Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol, Municipality of Marzabotto,
      Municipality of Bolzano, Rete Lilliput/nodo di Ferrara

      Ø Tuzlanska Amica - Mirza Baši - Tuzla (BiH), Hasana Kikica 1
      Tel. + Fax 00387 35 312 321 Mail: mirza_b95@...

      Ø Alexander Langer Foundation - Gabriel Auer – Bolzano (ITA), via
      Latemar 3
      Tel.+ Fax 0039 (0)471 97 76 91 Mail: info@...
      Internet site: www.alexanderlanger.org

      Monday, August 27th - Participants' arrival, Check-in accomodation in families

      06.00 pm: Guided visits to the Photographic exhibitions
      08.00 pm: Opening with the mayor of Srebrenica Abdurahman Malki , the local
      authorities and the promoters
      Folcloristic group of Srebrenica

      Round Table (August 30th - September 1th)

      During the last days of the International Week, a Round Table will take
      place, which will be concluded with a public declaration "about the
      function of memory for the victims, the prevention of conflicts and for the
      creation of conditions favourable to reconciliation and democracy".
      The personalities present will be called to briefly intervene, while a
      small audience and a limited number of young participants will be invited
      to attend and pose questions.

      The Round Table will be coordinated by

      *Vesna Teršeli , (Director of “Documenta”, Center for elaboration of the
      past in Zagreb/HR)

      The following personalities have been invited (* for those who have
      confirmed their presence):

      From Bosnia Herzegovina:

      Branko Todorovi (Helsinki Comittee for Human Rights, Republika Srpska/BiH),
      *Zdravko Grebo (Professor of Law at the University of Sarajevo/BiH),
      *Zlatko Dizdarevi (Journalist, writer, former director of the newspaper
      “Oslobodjenje”/BiH), *Irfanka Pašagi (Psychiatrist, director of Tuzlanska
      Amica/BiH), *Lidija ivanovi (Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly in Banja
      Luka/BiH), *Hajra ati (Women of Srebrenica/BiH), *Damir Peštali (Imam of
      Srebrenica/BiH), eljko Teofilovi (Pope of Srebrenica/BiH), Martin Antunovi
      (Catholic Church in Tuzla/BiH), *Vehid Šehi (Forum of the citizens Tuzla/BiH,


      *Yolande Mukagasana (Director of the association “La Memorie”
      Ruanda/Bruxelles), Yael Danieli (Psychologist and traumatologist, UN
      consultant, New York/USA), Vjosa Dobruna (President of the Public
      Television of Kosovo), *Nataša Kandi (Director of the “Humanitarian Law
      Center” in Belgrade/SRB), *Dragan Banjac (Journalist, Belgrade/Serbia),
      *Marijana Grandits (Director for the area “Democracy and Human Rights” for
      the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, Bruxelles/BL), *Maria Bacchi
      (Researcher, Villa Emma Foundation, Nonantola –Modena/I), *Fabio Levi
      (Professor of Contemporary History, University of Turin/I), *Nadia Baiesi
      (Director of the Monte Sole Foundation, Marzabotto/I), *Krzysztof Czy ewski
      (Director of the Borderland Foundation, Sejny/PL), *Bosiljka Schedlich
      (Director südost Europa Kultur e.V., Foundation Überbrücken, Berlin/D)

      Seminars (August 28th - 29th)

      A debate between local and international experts, followed by a public
      debate in the form of a seminar.

      Women and Memory (28.08)
      Coordination: Lalla Golfarelli (Association “Orlando”, Bologna/I)
      Liliana Radmanovi (Spazio Pubblico di Donne, Bologna/I); Lana Jaj evi
      (Udru ene Zene- Banja Luka/BiH), Cea Paz Venturelli (Chile), Nura Begovi
      (Women of Srebrenica/BiH), Valentina Gagi (Association Sara, Srebrenica/BiH)

      Documentation of Memory (29.08)
      Coordination: Carla Giacomozzi (Historic Archive of the Municipality of
      Nadia Baiesi (Director of the Monte Sole Foundation, Marzabotto/I); Luisa
      Morfini (Documentation Centre of San Donato Milanese/I); Krzysztof
      Czyzewski (Borderland Foundation, Sejny/PL), Abdulah Majstorovi (Memorial
      Center of Poto ari/BiH); Hajra ati (Women of Srebrenica/BiH), Vesna Teršeli
      (Director of “Documenta”, Center for elaboration of the past, Zagreb/HR)

      Media and Memory (29.08)
      Coordination: Zlatko Dizdarevi (Journalist, writer, former director of the
      newspaper “Oslobodjenje”, Sarajevo/BiH), Almasa Had i (Journalist in
      Tuzla/BiH), Barbara Bertoncin (Journalist of the magazine "Una Città",
      Forlì/I), Azra Nuhefendi (free-lance journalist, Sarajevo/Trieste), Paolo
      Rumiz (Writer and journalist for “La Repubblica”/I, Jörg Becker (Director
      KomTech. Institute for Communication and Technology Research, Solingen/D),
      Journalist from Srebrenica

      Talk to Nataša Kandi (31.08)

      Public Tribunes (August 28th - 31st )

      1. 28.8 International cooperation for memory (Introduction by Branko
      Todorovi - Helsinki Comittee for Human Rights, Republika Srpska/BiH)
      2. 29.8 The role of the Media before, during and after violent conflicts
      (Introduction by Zlatko Dizdarevi - Journalist,
      writer, former director of the newspaper“Oslobodjenje”,Sarajevo/BiH),
      3. 30.8 Yolande Mukagasana: Death doesn't want me – The case of Rwanda
      4. 31.8 Long-term consequences of the wars and oral memory (Introduction
      by Bosiljka Schedlich- Director südost Europa Kultur e.V.,
      Foundation Überbrücken, Berlin/D)

      Workshops (August 26th - Sep 1st )

      For locals:
      Art therapy: My present, my past, my future (Hanna
      Scaramella, Firenze/I): 10 participants
      Foto-journalism: Personal itineraries of documentation of reality
      and everyday life
      (Anna Da Sacco, Bumerang, Bolzano/I): 6 participants
      Storie d’aMare: Memories gathered with a moving camper mobile
      by Roberta Biagiarelli - Babelia

      For locals and internationals

      “Srebrenica through my eyes” Photographic images about the future of
      (Association Sara, Srebrenica/BiH) – 10 participants
      “Walking around Srebrenica” Literature workshop
      (Marzia Bisognin, Bologna/I) 10 participants
      “Memory and young generations” (Krzysztof Czy ewski, Borderland Foundation,
      “PITA, Bosnian cookery Course" (Women of Srebrenica)- 15 participants

      Cultural events (Aug 27th -31st)

      August 28th - Poetry evening
      August 29th - “Sejny cronicles” Theatre performance, Pogranice
      Foundation, Sejny/PL
      August 30th - “Levante a Mezzogiorno” ("Levant at Noon") Concert
      of Alfredo's Lacosegliaz Group, Trieste/I
      August 31st - Musical Evening: The songwriters Beppe Frattaroli
      (Italy, Bugnara) and Fabrizio Zanotti (Italy,
      Torino), Gipsy group (House in Br ko-Tuzlanska Amica/BiH)

      Photographic exhibitions: Fausto Fabbri, Forlì/I: Neighbours, 10
      years in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Livio Senigalliesi,
      Milano/I: Ruanda- Memories of a Genocide 1994-2004

      Performance of Anna Braegger, Svizzera
      Children and young people of Su eska and Bratunac, by “Nema Frontiera” and
      “Calcutta Project”
      Football game with “Nema Frontiera” and young people from Srebrenica


      During the day of September 1st the results of the Round Table, the
      Seminars and the Workshops will be presented
      08.00 pm - Coktailparty

      Organisational Info

      Updated Program of the International Week, including Seminars and
      Workshops: www.alexanderlanger.org (Adopt Srebrenica)

      Languages: Simultaneous or consecutive translation in the following
      languages is forseen: English/Italian/local (Bosnian, Serb, Croat).

      Participation Fee: 200 € for adults and 100 € for youth under 24.
      30 € for adults and 15 € for youth under 24. The fee includes accomodation
      at families of Srebrenica or at the Home of Trust, breakfasts and lunches
      (prepared in part by the Association “Women of Srebrenica”).

      Organised Travel Bolzano -Srebrenica- Bolzano: The Alexander Langer
      Foundation promotes an organised bus also stopping in Trento, Verona,
      Trieste, Zagreb, starting from Bolzano at 06.00 am on Sunday August 26th
      and coming back in the morning of September 3rd (starting from Srebrenica
      at 10.00 am of Sep 2nd). Approximative cost: € 130/person

      Application form and Payment in advance:
      The attached application form should be compiled and sent by and not later
      than August 15th, 2007.
      For those who join the organised travel please remitt € 100 to the bank
      account 555000, Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano (BBAN S 06045 11613 000000
      555000) registered to the name of the Alexander Langer Foundation with the
      specification “Settimana Internazionale" (International Week).

      For adhesions and inscriptions:

      Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung: Tel.+ Fax 0039 (0)471 97 76 91
      Mail: info@...

      We thank you in advance for forwarding this pre-invitation to eventually
      interested persons!

      Fondata/Gegründet: 04.07.1999 – Anerkannt/Riconosciuta dal Ministero per i
      beni culturali: 18.11.1999
      Iscritta nel registro delle organizzazioni di volontariato della Provincia
      di Bolzano - Eingetragen in das Verzeichnis der ehrenamtlichen
      Organisationen des Landes Südtirol (Decreto n. 128/1.1 del 24.08.2000)
      Via Latemar Straße 3, I - 39100 BOLZANO/BOZEN
      Tel.+Fax. +39 0471 977691 - www.alexanderlanger.org
      Cassa di Risparmio BZ - Südtiroler Sparkasse: BBAN S 06045 11613 000000 555000
      C.F. 94069920216 St.Nr.

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