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CfA: Master in Peacekeeping Management, Turin - Scholarship

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  • Avv. Ivana Roagna
    Please find below the description of the Master in Peacekeeping Management run by the University of Turin, together with a call for scholarship application for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2006
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      Please find below the description of the Master in
      Peacekeeping Management run by the University of
      Turin, together with a call for scholarship
      application for a female student from the Balcan area.

      The Masters Course in Peacekeeping Management is very
      pleased to inform you that we have the opportunity to
      offer a scholarship for a female student from the
      Balcan area. The scholarship will fully cover tuition
      fees and partly cover living expenses.

      The deadline for application is October 10, 2006.
      Instructions on how to apply can be found on the
      website section AVVISI).

      The following documents, written in English, should be
      submitted in support of the Application Form:
      1)Curriculum Vitae
      2)An abstract of the final dissertation (maximum 3000
      3)A list of published articles (if applicable)
      4)A letter of motivation
      5)A letter of reference
      6)Certification indicating foreign language capacity
      (if applicable)
      7)Photocopy of an identity document
      8)4 Passport size photos
      For candidates who have a foreign degree, a copy of
      the academic title translated into Italian,
      “Dichiarazione di Valore” (Declaration of Value)
      issued by the Italian Embassy of the Country where the
      degree was obtained from, “Legalizzazione Consolare”
      issued by the Italian Embassy of the Country where the
      degree was obtained from.

      Additional information and clarification can be
      requested at:

      Ms Irene Miletto
      Tel: +39 011 4325482
      Fax: +39 011 4325475

      For the sixth successive year, the Faculty of
      Political Science at the University of Turin, Italy,
      offers its Masters in Peacekeeping Management.
      The Masters leads to a post graduate qualification
      which equips students with the necessary skills and
      competences required to work in a diverse range of
      peacekeeping environments, crisis response situations
      reconstruction processes.

      In particular, the Masters aims at providing students
      with professional skills in the following areas:
      - Emergency Relief
      - Humanitarian Assistance
      - Refugee Assistance
      - Human Rights
      - Administrative Support and Logistics
      - Election Operations and Monitoring
      - Security
      - Democratisation
      - Capacity Building

      The Masters is located in Palazzo Audisio, Maria
      Vittoria, 35, Turin, Italy, where most academic
      activities take place. However, in order to further
      the learning process, there other activities at such
      locations such as the United Nations Campus, the
      Offices of the Red Cross, in addition to military
      training areas.

      Academic Teaching and Assessment takes the form of
      lectures, seminars, tutorials, group and individual
      sessions, practical exercises, distance learning,
      project work and role plays. All aimed at maximising
      the learning process and geared towards creating
      all-round professionals in Peacekeeping.
      The methodology provides the following distinct
      - a balanced structure between both the theory and the
      practice of Peacekeeping
      - an interdisciplinary approach providing in-depth
      knowledge in key areas of intervention
      - practical exercises relating to technical operations

      The Masters Course is divided into 4 modules:

      Module I An introduction to the theory and concepts of
      major subjects needed to understand the principles
      used to analyse international and regional crisis
      situations, with particular attention placed on
      socio-cultural, economic, historical and legal

      Module II An analysis of crisis, conflict and
      post-conflict situations and of the responses to these
      situations in three macro areas:
      - Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation;
      - Emergency Management;
      - Processes of Institution Building and

      Module III Workshops and practical exercises in:
      project cycle management; reporting; security;
      intercultural communication; stress management; media
      relations; first aid and preventative medicine;
      survival techniques and orientation within theatres of

      Module IV The Conceptualisation and Development of a

      Lessons are held from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to
      13.15 hrs. Students are also required to attend
      afternoon sessions when specific activities (such as
      training, exercises, class work, seminars and
      preparation for internships) are scheduled.
      Attendance of the whole academic programme is
      considered mandatory and in order to obtain the
      Masters qualification students are required to have
      attended a minimum of 85% of the teaching periods.
      For the 2006-2007 academic year the course will be
      conducted in English.
      The course runs from 1st February 2007 to 13th July
      2007. There is also an introductory distance learning
      phase from December 2006 to January 2007.
      The final piece of coursework has to be submitted
      before December 2007 (deadline to be decided).

      Students undergo 7 assessments during the course
      relevant to the main areas of study with a Final Test
      involving the conceptualisation and elaboration of a
      The award of the Final Mark is based on the average of
      the marks obtained in the seven pieces of assessed
      coursework and the mark awarded for the final
      The Masters awards up to 60 University Credits for
      those students who hold an Italian degree..
      The Scientific Committee may also award up to 20
      University Credits to those students who have also
      completed other post-graduate courses.

      In order to be awarded the “Masters in Peacekeeping
      Management” from the University of Turin, students
      will be required to:
      - obtain a total of 60 credits from coursework
      - pass the final piece of assessed coursework
      - complete at least 85% of the academic programme
      Successful students will be awarded a “Masters in
      Peacekeeping Management”. The Graduation Ceremony will
      be held in Turin.

      The Masters is aimed at for those wishing to work in
      the following fields:
      - United Nations and other International Agencies,
      - Organizations of Regional Co-operation and Security,
      European Union, OSCE, NATO
      - Non-Governmental Organizations and Voluntary
      - Public Administration and Local Governmental
      Agencies with activities and projects in humanitarian
      assistance, local capacity building and de-centralised
      co-operation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Local
      - Civic Defence and Relief Agencies
      - Public and Private enterprises
      - Media
      - Armed Forces

      Compagnia di San Paolo
      Fondazione CRT
      Regione Piemonte
      Città di Torino

      NGOs (Italian and International)
      “Brigata Alpina Taurinense” (Italian Army Mountain
      Carabinieri (Italian Military Police)
      Italian Red Cross
      Centre of African Studies

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