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    Looking For: 1. Bonn 2. Venice/Vienna 3. Bucharest Offering: 1. Belgrade 2. Belgrade 3. Budapest 4. Sarajevo 5. Sarajevo FROM: natalym@yubc.net SUBJECT:
    Message 1 of 78 , Sep 7 8:21 AM

      Looking For:

      1. Bonn

      2. Venice/Vienna

      3. Bucharest



      1. Belgrade

      2. Belgrade

      3. Budapest

      4. Sarajevo

      5. Sarajevo





      FROM: natalym@...

      SUBJECT: Accomodation in Bonn


      Hello, I am PhD student of Cultural Policy and I will be on Intership at European Music Council of UNESCO in Bonn/Germany from October 10th 2006 to December 10th 2006. I am looking for either a) a small, furnished apartment (max.

      300 - 400 euros, expenses included) in Bonn , or b) a single, furnished room in a shared apartment (max. 250 euros, expenses included).


      If anyone can help, please contact me at natalym@... Kind regards Natalija



      FROM: evapraetoria@...

      SUBJECT: Search: Short-time Accomodation Vienna / Venice 09.06




      I'm a history student from Berlin . I wish to attend a conference in Vienna and Venice in September. Therefore I am looking for an accomodation (fitting my student's budget, that is: cheap or free) - in Vienna from 24th to 26th of September - in Venice from 27th to 30th of September. In exchange, I can offer a nice guestroom in my flat in Berlin at any time.





      FROM: Liesbeth.vandeGrift@...


      SUBJECT: search for accommodation in bucharest




      I am a PhD-candidate, looking for an apartment or room in a shared apartment in Bucharest , from 1 November for a period of at least four months. The place should be furnished, rent max 350 euros (all-incl.). I am looking forward to suggestions, offers!


      Liesbeth van de Grift




      FROM: snezanaskundric@...

      SUBJECT: Accomodation in Belgrade


      New, modern, comfortable, sunny, apartment in center of Belgrade (walking distance to the Danube river and Kalemegdan Park ) daily/monthly payment rent. (rent price per day - 35 euro; per month 600 euro if renting not less 2 months plus deposit)


      58 square meters - first floor (but not ground floor) - 1 large living room, 1 comfortable bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet. - fully furnished - all appliances (new) - cable internet - cable TV - air condition



      For those who visit Belgrade I recommend this hostel:



      NALUS Hostel
      Dobracina 18A

      11000 Belgrade
      Hostel's price: (b&b)
      2000 dinars - single room per night
      3500 dinars - double room per night

      5000 dinars (1670 din. per person) - three bed room

      5000 dinars (1250 din. per person) - suite (up to 4 people) 

      more info on website: www.nalus-apartmani.com


      hostel manager
      e: ljubica@...






      FROM: autengruber@...

      SUBJECT: Accomodation: Budapest


      I am offering a furnished room (ca. 16m2) in Budapest , 7th district, Dembinszky utca, near Varosliget park. The room is in a 100m2 flat that is shared with one doctoral student.

      The apartment is equipped with flat-rate-internet, telephone, cable TV. Rent: 255,- Euro plus gas and electricity.


      Christian Autengruber (autengruber@...)






      From: "Flat.In. Sarajevo " <flat.in.sarajevo@...>
      Subject: Accomodation: Offered in Sarajevo


      In the hart of Sarajevo , at the old city part of Bascarsija, rooms for
      students, researchers and other visitors of Sarajevo during September

      Contact: flat.in.sarajevo@...





      From: "amrahumackic" <amrahumackic@...>
      Subject: Accommodation in Sarajevo





      One-bedbroom apartment to rent in Sarajevo , 600 m upstreet from OHR,

      walking distance to city, yet in quiet area, fully furnitured, 330EUR

      including utilities.  For more details, email me or see





    • Balkan Academic News
      Looking for: 1. Banja Luka 2. Sarajevo 3. Prishtina ... larisa_kurtovic@yahoo.com Hi, I m going to be doing research in and around Banja Luka between June and
      Message 78 of 78 , Jun 13, 2010
        Looking for:

        1. Banja Luka
        2. Sarajevo
        3. Prishtina




        I'm going to be doing research in and around Banja Luka between June and
        August this year. I'm looking for a place to rent on a short term
        basis--reasonably priced, furnished and with internet access.

        If you know of anything, please contact me at larisa.kurtovic@....

        Thank you




        I am PhD candidate at the Maastricht University and I am looking for a
        place to stay in Sarajevo in July. There are three requirements with
        regard to this - internet, bathroom and a room with a bed.




        Im quite new here in this yahoogroup. Currently Im working on my
        dissertation-project regarding Ethnic groups in Kosovo. For fieldstudies and
        research Im looking for a room or a flat (around 200-250Euro) in
        Prishtina from
        1.July to End of September/beginning of October. A washing-machine, fulltime
        electricity and an internetconnection are wanted. Of course a short
        distance to
        the citycenter would be great. About exact time and date Im flexible,
        because Im
        at the moment staying in Belgrade. Of course sharing an apartment
        wouldnt be a
        problem for me as I am very uncomplicated.
        If you know a place to stay or someone else who knows a place, please

        Best regards,


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