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CfA: PLOTKI - Eastern European magazine - be creative and get published!

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  • iri_dim
    Europe is groaning underneath the heat. Too much sun, too much heat, too much sweat. Cool down! Take a swim in PLOTKI s new swimming pool issue! * * * Take a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2006
      Europe is groaning underneath the heat. Too much sun, too much heat,
      too much sweat. Cool down! Take a swim in PLOTKI's new swimming pool

      * * *

      Take a swim

      Do not be scared. Get your swimming suit and go swimming with PLOTKI
      [how to swim in Berlin], find out how plotki community imagines
      their favorite splish-splash [design your own swimming pool], go on
      a visit to Tirana's open-air pool [aquarium for humans] or
      experience what happens once the water flies off forever [swimming
      site, camp pool]. Learn about [the surprising history of the
      swimming suit], get hygienic by putting a plaster on your wart
      before swimming [parvarti the plaster collector] or - in case there
      is no pool nearby - follow the instructions on how to [beat the
      heat]. And if you ever wondered if pools can also be filled with
      fluid other than water, ask an insect [bernie the beetle] or take a
      horrifying swim [...in blood and electricity].

      * * *

      For its next issue, the Eastern European magazine PLOTKI is looking
      for online authors to offer "monthly updated rumours" on the
      topic "BLUE". PLOTKI authors are expected to contribute to the
      magazine by coming up with an idea and a material (journalistic,
      photographic, artistic, etc) related to the topic ("BLUE" for the
      next issue). So, if you feel interested, free your imagination and
      write/draw/paint/photograph whatever BLUE inspires you to.
      The topic is "blue". Light blue, dark blue, or just BLUE. It's up to

      PLOTKI is a non-commercial project. All PLOTKI authors,
      photographers and graphic designers are volunteers, who dedicated
      themselves to reporting from and about Eastern Europe in an
      unconventional way. So far we are not able to pay anybody, but we
      are always able to cover production expenses.

      PLOTKI WEBSITE: www.plotki.net

      If you are interested in bringing your contribution to the next
      PLOTKI issue, contact: irina@....

      Deadline for submitting your FINAL contributions is 1st of
      September. (so, for any questions, it's better to contact Irina
      before the deadline).

      Looking forward to have your contributions published on

      On behalf of the Plotki Editorial Board,
      Irina Dragan
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