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CfA: Eclectic Tech Carnival 2006, Timisoara, 4-8.9.2006

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  • ana miskovska kajevska
    ANNOUNCEMENT Eclectic Tech Carnival 2006, http://www.eclectictechcarnival.org - a carnival of exchanging computer-related skills, ideas and art. By women and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2006

      Eclectic Tech Carnival 2006, http://www.eclectictechcarnival.org -
      a carnival of exchanging computer-related skills, ideas and art.

      By women and for women. /etc2006 September 4-8 2006, h.arta art space,
      Timisoara, Romania.


      Since 2001, the network of women who help organize the Eclectic Tech
      Carnival or /etc has grown both far and wide. We are geographically
      some-what diverse and we have varied experiences and expertise in computing,
      technology, art and activism. We are an eclectic bunch. Since the northern
      summer of 2002, we (or some subset there of) have succesfully organized an
      anual Eclectic Tech Carnival.

      To connect, to network in real life. The global village has come at the
      price of community. We are interested in tech things and like to play with
      it. We know there are other women who are also interested. There is little
      opportunity for us to get together. And there is even less open space for
      women to learn new skills. It is especially hard for those with little
      resources to make a start.

      We want to change that!
      We want to help women feel confident enough to 'hack' their own way into
      northern and male domination of digital technology. We can do it!
      We want to help women learn to use Free/Libre and Open Source Software.

      Why the name /etc?

      Well, /etc is a directory of the linux file system. In this directory called
      /etc (short for etcetera) are all the important configuration files for your
      computer and its networking (hostname, hosts, networks). We asked ourselves,
      "If we were part of the linux file system, what would we be?" The /etc
      directory seemed the best place for a carnival of ideas and then the name
      Eclectic Tech Carnival or /etc for short was born.


      h.arta art space, Timisoara, Romania, September 4-8 2006.


      All people involved work as volunteers. We rely on donations and accept
      them with glee. In 2004, we received funding from HIVOS for the /etc in
      Belgrade. In 2005 we received funds from Mamacash and HIVOS. This year
      NCDO and hopefully also Global Fonds for Women will help out too.

      The project is a collective action. We think computers and technology are
      not only vital tools in today's world, but also a lot of fun. We want it to
      be fun for those who come to the carnival. If you would like to come to the
      carnival or to facilitate a workshop, please contact us or fill out our
      registration form.

      By using and teaching others to use Free/Libre and Open Source Software we
      have more freedom and control over our work and projects in whatever we do,
      be it activism, art or technology or a combination thereof. "Free and Open
      Source" basically means that the code that makes up software or applications
      is not kept secret. Users and programmers have access to the "source code".
      This allows the community of users to adapt, modify and improve the software
      itself - sometimes at an astonishing rate.

      We believe that to be independent of the experts and so called authority
      figures you need to be autodidactic and DIY. Fixing your bicycle, car,
      computer. In fact women are already very technical. They use sewing
      machines, weave, spin and knit (it was weaving that lead to the first
      computer programs).

      There will be communication barriers, a good metaphor for ICT. We will
      become Information and Communication Tweakers in order to break these

      By asking what women want and what they have to offer we strive to be
      inclusive. Please contact us if you are interested in the carnival.

      It will be okay to break things.

      It will be exhausting.

      Come join us!

      /etc2006 Romania and Partners

      The fifth Eclectic Tech Carnival will take place in Timisoara, Romania, in
      collaboration with h.arta and D Media.

      Our partners in Romania
      The 2006 /etc is being organised in collaboration with D Media and H.arta.

      D Media is a non-governmental organization that promotes free access of
      private people to information and the free use of digital technology,
      experimentation with digital sound and image to produce works that are
      artistically innovative and socially engaged. The group gathered in the
      autumn of 2002 and the legal organization was made in winter of 2004 at the
      initiative of Joanne Richardson. Most of the organizers of the group are
      women, and recently the women of the group have been most active in
      proposing projects and making workshops and videos. Persons now in charge of
      the group are Nita Mocanu and Joanne Richardson.

      One of the projects made in 2005 in the framework of D Media was "WOMEN ON
      THE EDGES OF EUROPE" - a documentary film made in collaboration with Candida
      TV (www.candidatv.tv) from Roma, Italy. This was a research project from
      which resulted 4 videos about women's labour in Eastern Europe. The issues
      within the projects are related to: migration , labour conditions of the
      women in Romania and Croatia and of women migrants, the delocation of the
      multinational Italian companies toward Eastern Europe, how is this situation
      affecting migration and labour conditions in general. Another documentary
      film project is "Mami !!!" , realised by Hajni Bessenyei and Nita Mocanu in
      2005 and 2006. It is an overview of maternity in Romania , from different
      perspectives including mothers and the state and some specialists. This film
      became a good instrument for raising questions related to women's issues
      such as motherhood and work, women's rights and choices. We are now offering
      the film to, and have been asked for it by, local NGOs that have activity
      connected to women's issues (such as Artemis and Pro Women).

      H.arta is an artist run space in Timisoara, Romania. It opened in December
      2001 and since then has been the location for events in this field
      (lectures, presentations, workshops, discussions, etc).

      H.arta is a way to react to the problems of the Romanian art system. It is a
      place where we are trying to make happen things that we miss. Things like
      considering that art lies in simple, normal, everyday stuff, in the real
      interests, feelings and ideas of people involved in it. That art is about
      questions, analysis and critique. H.arta is a meeting place for people with
      the same concerns; a place for projects that don't just present to the
      viewer objects meant for sterile contemplation, but provoke reactions and
      contributions from the public - projects that prefer relationships to the
      material form.

      Also H.arta is a tool for us to feel less marginal, less isolated from what
      is going on in the world, a tool for feeling that we also have a voice, that
      we can also take part in the discussion.

      H.arta space is run by three women: Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant, Rodica

      Other particpating organisations and indiviuals are Feramenta (women's
      hackers collective in Italy, SysterServer (webhosting and learning server
      project runned by an international group of women), Gender Changer Academy
      (Amsterdam based computer hardware training for women by women), Creative
      Catalyst by Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ) (playwright, writer, web developer,
      cyberformer) and SisterO by Nancy Mauro-Flude (AT) (performing artist and
      associated researcher at Institute Network Cultures [INC])

      URL: http://www.eclectictechcarnival.org
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