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CfA: Urgently looking partner, Ankara Youth Council

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  • ankaragenclikmeclisi
    urgently we are looking partners Dear Friends, We are planning to organize a Youth Exchange in ANKARA for the september 2006. We will apply and our perroject
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2006
      urgently we are looking partners
      Dear Friends,

      We are planning to organize a Youth Exchange in ANKARA for the
      september 2006. We will apply and our perroject have accepted by ua.
      We dont connection our a project partner. So we are looking
      countries to be our partners. Please find the under stated

      Organization : ANKARA YOUTH COUNCÝL

      Organization Description:

      Youth Council is an youth organization which includes the selected
      representatives of the high schools, universities and non-
      governmental organizations. It has founded with the support of
      Ministry of Youth and Sport. Our youth council's main aim is to
      activate youth to take part and have a word in the governmental
      decisions and laws about youth and youth rights. And we have been
      participating the meetings of National Youth Parliament since it was
      found. Furthermore, we are organizing some activities which will
      provide the youth to develop mentally, culturally and socially and
      working with the soul of a team with the conferences, seminars,
      concerts and exhibitions. Cultural understanding in the fields of
      such as sport, theatre, music has been developing with the organized
      activities in which youth takes place in all steps.
      And our youth council is also interested in areas such as youth
      policies, youth participation and intercultural learning. It has
      sent representatives to national and international meetings, youth
      projects, summer schools and tranings about this fields. We believe
      that engaging in Europen Youth Projects is vitally important in
      order to introduce ourselves, to meet new cultures and
      understandings, to provide intercultýral learning and to make new

      Title of Project: "That's Life What They Call"

      Dates : 12-19 september 2006 ( 8 days, excluding travels )

      Aims :

      Our project "That's Life what they call" is going to be
      realized between 05-11 March 2005 by Youth Council. 4 countries and
      Turkey will participate with 5 participants and one group leader
      between the ages of 15-25. It will be in Ankara, capital city of
      Turkey. It is mainly about life from youth's perspective and
      communication. Activies; taking "life" to the camera, at the end of
      the project, hopefully we will have our own movie and taking
      photographs, we will have our own news-paper. A Our project includes
      trainings and workshops about them. Also there will be some
      workshops about theatre and poem. And there will be activities to
      provide cultural learning such as traditional Turkish night,
      intercultural night and some trips around Ankara.

      Number of countries : 4 country

      Number of participants : 5 + 1 group leader

      Age : 15 -25 years old

      We will reimburse % 70 of travel to ANKARA and we will totally cover
      accommodation, food and activities. (There is no participation fee)

      We will choose countries from different parts of world so if you are
      interested please send e-mail to me. We need some information:

      Organization name:
      Description of organization:
      Leader name:
      Contact of leader / responsible :
      Group profile :

      Kindest Regards,

      Contact person : MEHMET ÝSMET BAYRAKLI
      Phone number : + 90 05382661222
      +90 05445769330

      Address : ANKARA / TÜRKÝYE
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