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CfA: Grants for cultural journalists

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  • Oana-Valentina Suciu
    Grants for cultural journalists This new practice-oriented course is designed for individuals who want to be cultural journalists, reporting on and reviewing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2006
      Grants for cultural journalists

      This new practice-oriented course is designed for
      individuals who want to be cultural journalists,
      reporting on and reviewing any area of Romanian
      culture, arts or entertainment. It is aimed
      particularly at graduates in the arts and humanities
      who want to make a career writing or broadcasting in
      this area, whether their intended field of journalism
      is opera or jazz, painting or film, theatre or the

      It is a programme also committed to ensuring that the
      Romanian cultural relations with other countries are
      vivid and relevant for the new generations that have
      come of age since the fall of communism.

      It aims to improve the quality of arts and cultural
      journalism, as well as its prestige in foreign
      newsrooms. Since the extent to which journalism is
      probing or superficial, broadly engaging or exclusive,
      helps determine the level of public appreciation of
      the arts and culture.


      What are we seeking?
      • to promote the Romanian cultural phenomenon in the
      foreign mass media
      What are we offering?
      • 10 grants
      • duration: 1 month
      • value: 1,500 EUR
      • contacts with Romanian journalists and personalities
      in the field of culture
      The grants are available for journalists currently
      under a work contract with a newspaper, magazine, TV
      channel or radio station in a country other than
      Application requirements
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • 1 recommendation letter from the applicant’s work
      place (newspaper / magazine / TV channel / radio
      • letter of intent (in a wide-circulation language)
      addressed to the president of the Romanian Cultural

      Applications will be submitted by e-mail (dana@...)
      or by post to the Romanian Cultural Institute, 38
      Aleea Alexandru, 011824 Bucharest, Romania. If the
      application is sent by post, the deadline refers to
      the mail registration stamp applied on dispatch.
      Programme requirements
      The beneficiary of the grant will produce at least one
      material for publication in the newspaper / broadcast
      on the TV channel or radio station for which they
      work. One copy of the material will be sent to the
      Romanian Cultural Institute.

      For details, visit our website at www.icr.ro
      or contact:
      Dana Sestak, Tel. +40 317100 621, e-mail: dana@...

      ICR at a glance
      Why should one be interested in the Romanian culture?
      This is the question to which the Romanian Cultural
      Institute strives to answer. Famous names: Constatin
      Brâncuºi, George Enescu, Eugene Ionesco, Emil Cioran,
      Mircea Eliade are a (first) answer. But not the only
      one. Through its efforts, ICR tries to show that
      Romania has still a lot of things and values to offer.

      Like any country that passes through a profound
      transformation process, Romania is associated with
      many negative stereotypes. There are also positive
      ones. Both are linked, most of the times, to real
      situations. But Romanian reality cannot be reduced to
      these clichées.

      With an experience of over ten years in promoting
      Romanian culture, the Institute has extended its
      activities, with special emphasis on stimulating local
      culture, young talents, promoting Romanian culture and
      civilization throughout the world, and integrating
      Romanian assets into the world cultural heritage.

      ICR intends to be a channel of communication:

       The access of the foreign public to the
      Romanian cultural products is one first target

       Another one is developing partnerships
      between foreign and Romanian cultural operators. By
      establishing connections between Romania and other
      countries, the lack of trust could be eliminated and
      barriers might be raised, while understanding and
      knowledgeble relations are established.

       In order to be efficient, ICR intends to
      promote a better understanding of the Romanian culture
      in other countries, and of their cultures in Romania
      respectively. Briefly, this means cultural relations.

      Which is our strategy?

       To increase the number of those
      interested in various aspects of the Romanian culture

       To grant the opportunity of using and
      developing the creative potential of Romanian and
      foreign artists from all fields

      In order to reach these diverse objectives, several
      categories of cultural operators are targeted:

      Publishing cultural reviews, courses in Romanian
      culture and civilisation, conferences and public
      debates, contemporary art exhibitions, art film
      screenings, book releases and, last but not least,
      awarding grants for summer schools and cultural
      workshops in translations and in cultural journalism.
      All these promote the acceptance of best practices,
      propose new standards, provide genuine intellectual
      added value and produce a measurable impact upon
      knowing Romania’s culture abroad.

      Not an official voice, not one voice, but a plurality
      of voices, comparable to the expectations and
      interests that define the present cultural milieu –
      this what ICR puts forward as an interface.

      Oana-Valentina Suciu
      HESP Scholar
      Assistant Lecturer, University of Bucharest - Faculty of Political Sciences
      Str. Sf. Stefan 24, sector 2, Bucharest
      e-mail: oanavalentina_suciu@... , oana.suciu@...
      phone: +40 - 723 368903

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