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CfA: Utica College Forensic Anthropology Field School: Albania, Greece & Romania, 17.5.-12.6.2006

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  • Anamaria
    2006 is the third exciting year for UC s Forensic Anthropology Field School, directed by Dr. Thomas Crist and Dr. John Johnsen. The field school is to take
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2006
      2006 is the third exciting year for UC's Forensic Anthropology Field
      School, directed by Dr. Thomas Crist and Dr. John Johnsen. The field
      school is to take place at Butrint National Park in Albania, with one
      week at the Anthropological Research Centre in Bucharest, two days in
      Corfu and one in Athens.

      The dates of the field school are May 17 to June 12, 2006.
      Undergraduate, graduate and international students are welcomed. No
      prior experience in anthropology or forensics is required. Non-credit
      students may be admitted subject to availability. In addition to
      studying forensic anthropology, students will explore diverse
      representations of the past in Albania, Greece and Romania.

      For further information please view the program flier at
      www.utica.edu/butrint2006. If you wish to participate or have further
      questions you are encouraged to contact Dr. Thomas Crist
      (tcrist@...) or Dr. Anamaria Iosif Ross (aross@...) as
      soon as possible.

      Professor Crist teaches in Utica College's Doctoral Program in
      Physical Therapy. He also serves as Forensic Anthropologist for the
      Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office and for the US Disaster
      Mortuary Operational Response Team. His main areas of research are
      the skeletal indicators of nutritional deficiency (particularly
      vitamin C); epigenetics and non-metric traits; and developmental
      anomalies. His contact information is:

      Thomas A. Crist, Ph.D.
      Forensic Anthropologist
      Associate Professor, Program in Physical Therapy
      Utica College
      315-792-3390 (office)
      315-792-3248 (fax)
      tcrist@... (e-mail)

      Dr. John Johnsen is the co-founder of UC's Albanian field school and
      Dean of the Division of Social Sciences and Management. He is a
      student of Native American Cultures and a medical anthropologist.

      Dr. Anamaria Iosif Ross is a assistant professor of medical
      anthropology at Utica College. Her research focuses on healing and
      personhood in postsocialist societies. She will be assisting Drs.
      Crist and Johnsen with the Romanian segment of the field school.
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