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CfA: Romanian Cultural Institute summer school in Romanian culture and civilization, Baia Mare, 15.7.-6.8.2006

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  • Oana-Valentina Suciu
    Courses in Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization - 12-th Edition July 15 – August 6, 2006 Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania Learn Romanian in Romania The
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      Courses in Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization
      - 12-th Edition
      July 15 – August 6, 2006
      Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania

      Learn Romanian in Romania
      The Structure of the Programme
      Services and Facilities
      Cultural and Sightseeing Programme
      About Us

      Cours de langue, culture et civilisation roumaines

      Learn Romanian in Romania Top

      The Romanian Cultural Institute offers you the chance
      to learn Romanian from the people who speak it daily
      in one of the most attractive traditional communities
      of Northern Romania - Maramures!
      The Structure of the Programme Top

      A. Intensive courses in Romanian language:

      1. Beginners - this level aims to ensure the
      achievement of basic writing and speaking skills; at
      the end of the programme students are expected to be
      able to understand and formulate short sentences
      relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness

      2. Intermediate - the courses aim to upgrade the
      acquired knowledge with an emphasis on conversational
      skills, by means of creative activities

      3. Advanced - the students will improve their speaking
      and writing skills, and will practice communication in
      complicated and complex situations

      The courses in Romanian language are based on a
      flexible curriculum, adapted to the needs of the
      students, combining basic vocabulary and grammar
      lessons, group and individual activities aiming to
      develop fluency in communication and to consolidate
      grammar structures. The language course support
      includes textbooks, literary and historical texts,
      folklore, newspaper articles, audio-visual means.

      In order to improve the efficiency of the courses, the
      participants are enrolled in several study groups,
      based on an initial language test. Each study group is
      made of 10-12 students.

      The teachers: All our teachers are native Romanian
      speakers and universities graduates. The Romanian
      Cultural Institute selects experienced teachers,
      according to their professional skills but also for
      their friendly attitude, enthusiasm and patience.

      Certificate of Participation: At the end of the
      programme students will undergo a test assessing their
      Romanian speaking and writing skills. As a result,
      they will obtain a qualification grade. All the
      students who have attended at least 90% of the daily
      classes will obtain a certificate of attendance.

      B. Courses in Romanian culture and civilization:
      Lectured in history, literature, ethnography,
      folklore, mentalities, social aspects of contemporary
      Romania, film, fine arts.

      These courses are addressed to all those interested in
      improving their language skills and their knowledge of
      Romanian culture and civilization. The courses are
      given by university professors or by specialists with
      a long experience in the area.

      C. Creative Workshops
      1. Song and dance: singing and dancing lessons to
      learn traditional songs and Romanian folk dances from
      different areas of the country.
      2. Traditional ornaments: well-known craftsmen from
      Maramures offer lessons in making local tradition
      3. Glass painting: the study of specific techniques of
      glass icon painting with different religious themes,
      the Crucifixion or the Holy Virgin in sorrow.
      4. Cuisine: Romanian traditional dishes taught by a
      chef; the possibility to taste all the specialties.
      5. Pottery: figurines and miniature ceramics with
      geometrical and floral motives, all in natural colors.
      Services and Facilities Top

      Location: The courses take place in the town of Baia
      Mare (150.000 inhabitants), capital of Maramures

      Official opening of the programme: July 16, 2006.
      Closing ceremony - August 5, 2006.
      Classes will take place at the "Gheorghe Sincai" High

      Timetable: from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and
      2:00 pm there are scheduled five lessons in Romanian
      language. A class lasts 50 minutes. The lectures in
      Romanian culture and civilization and the creative
      workshops will take place in the afternoon, from 3:00
      pm to 6:00 pm.

      Cultural and Sightseeing Programme: Twice a week
      Romanian films will be shown. Each Saturday and Sunday
      bus-trips are organized to the villages around Baia

      Accommodation during the whole period of the programme
      is booked in double bedrooms at a three stars hotel.
      The hotel is located in the city center within walking
      distance from the "Gheorghe Sincai" High School.
      Accommodation at the hotel is booked from July 15,
      starting with 12 am, till August 6, at 12 a.m.

      Meals: breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel's
      restaurant. Lunch is served at the "Gheorghe Sincai"
      High School.

      Registration of participants: Saturday, July 15 at the
      reception of the Hotel. The name of the hotel will be
      announced on our site.
      Cultural and Sightseeing Programme Top

      Day trips are organized every Saturday and Sunday to
      the villages around Baia Mare. Tour guides and museum
      curators will present a wide range of topics on the
      history, geography, religion and particular
      ethnographic characteristics of the region.

      The schedule includes four trips:

      Traditions and history: the trip includes visits to
      the "Merry Cemetery" in Sapânta, Maramures Village
      Museum in Sighetu Marmatiei, to the Memorial Museum of
      Victims of Communism and Anticommunist Resistance in
      Sighet, to the Elie Wiesel's Memorial House.

      Maramures - wood culture and civilization: the trip
      includes visits to wooden churches and monasteries
      included on UNESCO World Heritage list and outings to
      the villages of Bârsana, Rozavlea, Ieud, Bogdan Voda,
      Sisesti, Surdesti.

      Cluj-Napoca - an old University Center in
      Transylvania: a city tour with stops at the Arts
      Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Botanical Garden.

      A typical Sunday in a Romanian village: the
      possibility to attend the Orthodox Church service,
      lunch with a local family, authentic folk music

      All the trips are by bus.
      Twice a week Romanian films will be shown; productions
      signed by the best Romanian film directors, awarded
      with prizes at the great European film festivals -
      Thessaloniki (Greece), Paris (France), Cottbus
      (Germany), Trieste (Italy), Bratislava (Slovakia),
      Cluj (Romania).


      The minimum age for attendance is 18.
      The completed application form, accompanied by a
      curriculum vitae, a copy of the passport (the page
      with the personal data) and a copy confirming the
      payment of the participation fee are to be sent to the
      Romanian Cultural Institute.

      The deadline for enrollment is June 15, 2006. Because
      of the limited number of places, applications should
      be received as early as possible.
      The official enrollment at the course is confirmed by
      the Romanian Cultural Institute by a written

      Participation Fee: 750 EUR
      The participation fee covers the following expenses:
      enrollment, tuition, workshops, trips, other
      additional activities included in the programme and
      The costs for accommodation the hotel (double
      bedrooms) will be covered by the Romanian Cultural
      The participation fee does not cover the international
      or internal transport, the entrance visa (if needed)
      or any other additional hotel services.

      Important! The participants are responsible to
      purchase their own international medical insurances.
      The organizers will not cover the costs of
      hospitalization or other medical services.

      Payment conditions:
      - The total sum for the participation to the programme
      (750 EUR) must be received before your arrival.
      - Please write your name and "The Romanian Cultural
      Institute" on all the documents relating to bank
      transfer of funds.
      - All bank charges will be your responsibility.

      Method of payment:
      - Participants must pay the fee only by bank transfer
      into the bank account of the Romanian Cultural
      Institute - Code IBAN
      - Bank Address: Banca Comercialã Românã SA, Calea
      Victoriei 155, Sector 1 - Bucharest, Romania.
      About Us Top

      For applications/additional information:

      38, Aleea Alexandru
      011824, Sector 1 - Bucharest, Romania

      Programme Director: Mona Moldoveanu
      E-mail: mona@...
      Phone 004021.230.28.54, Fax: 004021.231.35.487
      Programme Coordinator: Catalina Giugariu
      Phone 004021.230.28.54, Fax: 004021.231.35.48

      Oana-Valentina Suciu
      HESP Scholar
      Assistant Lecturer, University of Bucharest - Faculty of Political Sciences
      Str. Sf. Stefan 24, sector 2, Bucharest
      e-mail: oanavalentina_suciu@... , oana.suciu@...
      phone: +40 - 723 368903

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