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    Social Day 2006 Call for proposals for youth projects in South – East Europe Berlin, January 19, 2006 Contents: Call for proposals for youth projects in
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      Social Day 2006

      Call for proposals
      for youth projects in South – East Europe

      January 19, 2006

      Call for proposals for youth projects in South-East Europe

      Appendix I: Application document
      1. Introduction of the initiators

      Schüler Helfen Leben e.V.
      Schüler Helfen Leben e.V. is a charitable organization from Germany, which
      supports with
      youth projects in South–East Europe reconciliation and freedom in the whole
      region. Our
      current balance is: 13 million Euros donated and more than a hundred
      projects in
      Croatia, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Romania. SHL
      is an independent initiative, which provides quick and non-bureaucratic
      help by young people to young people.

      Aktion Tagwerk e.V./ Tagwerk Foundation
      Aktion Tagwerk (AT) was founded in 2003 and works closely together with the
      childrens’ charity Human Help Network in Mainz. AT doesn’t pursue any
      profit goals whatsoever, but aims to help and support children and young
      people in need. Public political development projects can also be promoted
      as part of this work. The projects, which are supported by donations, can
      be realised in various project countries. Africa is currently a main focus
      for the projects which AT supports, and for many years AT has been
      supporting projects running in Rwanda, Burundi and Angola. Another
      important focus of AT is the strengthening and promotion of school
      partnerships between different countries.

      Further information: http://www.aktion-tagwerk.de

      Action: Social Day 2006
      In summer 2006 SHL is going to ask pupils throughout Germany to participate in
      the Social Day. The idea of this day is simple: The pupils will not go to
      school for one day, they will work in a bakery, in their neighborhood, for
      relatives or friends and they will donate their earned salary to SHL and
      AT. In order not to limit the participation of these young people to the
      one day-action the selection and monitoring of project partners will be
      partly put in their hands as well.

      Further information: http://www.sozialer-tag.de

      2. Aims of the call

      For the year 2006 we are still looking for non profit organizations, which
      are going to use part of the donations for project implementation in South
      – East Europe. Considering the nature of project it is important for us,
      that the partner focuses on direct support of children and/ or young people
      and is according to the following criteria:

      3. Priorities during the project selection

      Target group
      The project should address children, youth and/or students

      Following countries in South-East Europe: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
      Serbia and Montenegro, UNMIK Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania,

      4. Structure

      The project should enable access for young people to education, a positive
      upbringing and care/guidance.
      The projects should:
      · be open to all young people, independent of sex, beliefs, nationality,
      economic situation and social grouping.
      · Impart the capabilities and the knowledge needed for young people to
      be able to grow into responsibly mature, critical-thinking citizens of a
      democratic state and to allow them to be financially independent.

      We put great value on the direct participation of young people – in the
      project country as well as in Germany. Therefore, before the trip, the
      young people should be involved in planning, so that the project is
      perfectly tailored to the particular needs of the region. It is also
      important that the project can be guaranteed to have a positive feedback
      effect on Germany too. An important goal is to stir up young Germans’
      interest in the situation of their age group abroad, and to further their
      understanding of the particular region. Through talks and informative
      materials the pupils are also informed in full about their chosen project.

      4. Formal selection criteria

      The project must be designed by an organization that already works in South
      – East
      Europe. It must be registered as a charitable organization in its own country.
      The financing plan and the project application must be filled in correctly
      and balanced, and
      it must be a non – profit project.

      5. Selection procedure

      There will be a two-level selection procedure for projects in Africa and in
      South-East Europe.

      5.1. Pre-examination
      All complete applications that arrive at SHL before the deadline will be
      checked by the
      board of the organization. The applicant must be aware already in the pre –
      selection process SHL will need a reliable contact partner in order to
      discuss project-related questions. SHL may ask for a texts or pictures in
      order to advertise applicant’s organization and project. These materials
      should be free of charge.
      SHL and AT will take a selection of all the received applications to set
      before the School Pupil Jury for their final choice.

      5.2. The Pupils’ Choice
      The projects, which enter the narrower circle, will be introduced to the
      pupils taking part in
      the Social Day. They will make a definite decision about the project they
      are going to
      support. The partner organisation is responsible for making sure that the
      participants of the Social Day are informed about the progress of the
      project during the entire promotion-phase.

      6. Financial conditions

      6.1 General
      The necessary resources should lie between €25,000 and €250,000. With a
      budget higher than €100,000 we see value in the participation of a known
      charitable partner organisation. The work, as well as materials and
      personal costs, are supported, as long as they are necessary for transfer
      to the project country. The project should be financed by other sponsors,
      but this is by no means a condition. The financial plan should be drawn up
      in Euros. The cost projection must be balanced and detailed enough, that
      the project comes across as recognisable, comprehensible and testable.

      6.2 Duration of support
      The maximum duration for a project supported by the SHL-Social Day is
      definitely 3 years.
      The project shall commence between August 2006 and January 2007.

      6.3 Legitimacy of the applicant
      All non-profit organizations, whose work corresponds to the aims of SHL and
      AT have
      the right to apply.

      6.4 Contract and financing
      If the decision about the financing is positive, the applicant will get a
      co-operation contract
      explicitly stating rights and obligations in the collaboration with SHL.
      The following payment agreement will provide after the project arrangement
      a quarterly
      based payment structure.

      6.5 Reports
      The applicant has to submit regularly interim reports on the project
      implementation. The final report has to be submitted at the end of the
      funding period. More detailed matters are regulated by the cooperation

      7. Deployment of volunteers

      In order to strengthen the link between the projects abroad and the pupils
      active in Germany, SHL e.V. sends young German volunteers to several of its
      international projects. We would like to increase the number of voluntary
      places and we would welcome it, if your project was a suitable destination
      for German volunteers. If this is the case, then please describe the
      voluntary position to us in the form of a job description. Promotional
      activity should take up about 25% of the project: The preparation of
      information for German pupils (newsletters, web-posting, reports from
      personal experience, possible visiting programmes etc.). SHL takes on the
      legal processes and the funding requests for the voluntary positions after

      8. Applications

      The applications have to be drawn up in German as described in annex 1.
      Only complete, fully documented, signed and dated applications will be
      accepted. An application is considered complete, when the following
      documents are attached:

      · An official, signed and dated letter of intention
      · Statute of the applicant organization/ association,
      registration documents
      (evidence on registration) and a statement about its charitable status and
      activities benefiting the community.
      · Proof of service to the public
      · Reports of the latest activities
      · Annual financial report of the last two financial years and
      further administrative– or balance documents
      · If appropriate a guarantee letter of a project partner who
      participates in the project and a report about current activities of that

      Please send these documents in double copies. The applications sent via fax
      or E – Mail will
      be considered, if SHL receives a paper version before the deadline.

      The deadline for applications is: March 15th 2006 (stamp)
      Please send your documents to

      Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL)
      Büro Berlin
      Schillerstraße 57
      10627 Berlin

      or by e-mail

      For further information, please call:

      We will be glad to hear about your ideas!
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