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CfP Democracy and Human Rights in Multiethnic Societies, Konjic, 10-14.7.2006

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    INSTITUTE FOR STRENGTHENING DEMOCRACY IN BOSNIA K o n j i c Bosnia-Herzegovina CALL FOR PAPERS and YOUR INVITATION at the 9th Annual International Seminar
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2006
      K o n j i c




      at the 9th Annual International Seminar
      "Democracy and Human Rights in Multiethnic Societies"
      Time: 10-14, July, 2006
      Place: Konjic, B&H
      "Dear Rory,...What do you think? Dzemal"
      "Dear Dzemal: I hope your decision is to continue the conference...Rory"

      Dear Colleagues:

      I invite you to submit papers for the 9th Annual International Seminar on
      "Democracy and Human Rights in Multiethnic Societies" to be held from 10-14
      July, 2006 in Konjic, BiH.

      This call and invitation for the 2006 Seminar was delayed because of a
      number of issues, including financial. The continuance of this seminar was
      in doubt, but due to the brave and supportive participants from past years
      the organizers have decided to hold the 2006 Seminar hoping to secure
      funding starting with the 2007 Seminar from the Center for International
      University Cooperation and Norwegian Research Council, Oslo.

      Because financial considerations were endangering the continuance of the
      seminar, the organizers regrettably decided that it would not be in the
      best interests of the seminar to offer grants to participants in 2006.
      Hopefully, we will be able to continue this practice in the years to come.
      If any funding is made available, participants from Eastern Europe, Asia,
      and Africa will be informed as soon as possible.

      It was also decided with the help of past participants that the
      organizers would ask for the following voluntary seminar fee: Professors
      100 KM (approx. EUR 50) and Students, Unemployed, and Participants from the
      Region 50 KM (approx. EUR 25). It is hoped that this fee structure will
      allow for the seminar to become financially sustainable, a very important
      aspect given the rising costs of sponsoring a conference. Please bear in
      mind that the fee is not compulsory. We understand if your circumstances do
      not allow you to contribute the suggested amount. Likewise, feel free to
      contribute more if your circumstance allows you to do so.

      Although the decision has been finalized to hold the 9th Annual
      International Seminar, I request that you give formal acceptance of this
      invitation as soon as possible, including your institutional affiliation,
      city, and country. Working titles are also welcome at this stage.
      Participants are encouraged to propose and organize workshops and panels.
      Any other initiatives on your part are highly appreciated.

      Students, women, members of minority groups, disabled persons, and senior
      academics are encouraged to participate in the seminar.

      Please feel free to send this notice to whoever might be interested.

      Dzemal Sokolovic
      Institute for Strengthening Democracy in Bosnia
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