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CfA: Invitation for preparation of the 4th European Peoples Global Action conference

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  • Meijers Daniel (Stud. FdCW)
    Invitation for the European Peoples Global Action (PGA) conference organisation meeting in november In the follow up of the august letter, we invite all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2005
      [balkans] CfA: Black Sea Regional Civil Society II Forum, Yerevan, 17-20.12.2005
      Invitation for the European Peoples Global Action (PGA) conference organisation meeting in november

      In the follow up of the august letter, we invite all the groups and people involved in the PGA process to participate in the organisation of the next european conference in August 2006.
      The first european meeting will take place from the 18th to the 20th of November 2005 in the South of France.
      In order to ensure that the preparation process will be as collective as possible and despite the fact that this invitation comes a bit late, we think it's important to involve groups and people who don't belong STAMP*,
      as early as this first meeting.
      As we wrote before, we think it important to involve groups and persons from Central and Eastern Europe so do contact us as quickly as possible in order to get the visas in good time. Our finances are so far pretty low and hitchicking is always possible, but we will nevertheless take time and energy (for financing, travel coordination... ) to ensure that participants from these countries can take part in the peparation process as well as in the conference itself. We would appreciate if other groups are willing to help.
      We are planning to organize another international meeting close to Central Europe. Any group or persons who cannot take part in the November meeting but is interested in that next meeting can contact us in order to be
      informed. If groups or persons are already interested in hosting this next meeting, we can start talking about it. As convenors; we plan to organize this conference with the following objectives:
      1. to have a focus on the form of organization of dailylife tasks and conference logistics. We consider the involvment of people in these tasks and their political dimension as an important aspect of the conference's
      contents, which deserves the same attention as debates and workshops linked with various other struggles.
      2. to give a space for self-construction/building: (eg: collective building of some structures that will be used for the conference) and, on a more general level, to give a focus to collective practical activities and skill-shares during the conference.
      3. to experiment with forms of debate, discussion and decision-making; to carry on the processes initiated on these issues during the past conferences and to question them.
      4. to adress the linguistic domination of english, and to work on various possible ways of translation in order to try to overcome linguistic barriers (for their contribution to power relationships).
      5. to think about the transmission of methods of organization in order to help other people to organize next conferences.
      6. To give ourselves ways to strengthen the links set with east and middle europe groups, in particular during the belgrade conference.
      7. To help participants to apprehend the local context correctly, and to make the preparation process and the conference itself a support for local dynamics rather than an occasion for them to be sold out.
      The November meeting will take place in the Magnans, a collective structure run by people from the European cooperative Longo maï, close to the Grange neuve cooperative, about hundred kilometers North of Marseille.
      The nearest train station is called Oraison-la-Brillane. We will send an access map at a later stage. We suggest that people arrive on the 17th in the evening in order to start on Friday morning. It's possible to stay
      there until the 21st in the morning..
      During the meeting, we will visit the Longo maï cooperative and will also have time for informal discussions and encounters.
      We expect a lot of you to come and visit us in our magical and nuclearised Provence but do tell us in advance in order to facilitate the organisation.
      Contact address: stamp@..., tel: +33 (0)4 66 30 52 81
      More information on http://www.pgaconference.org
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