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Query: Appartments/Rooms Aachen, Turin, Belgrade, Athens, Lugano, Sofia

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    1. Aachen 2. Turin 3. Belgrade 4. Athens 5. Lugano 6. Sofia ... Cihan Koral Query: Need room/flat in Aachen-Germany hi all, i am looking
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2005
      1. Aachen
      2. Turin
      3. Belgrade
      4. Athens
      5. Lugano
      6. Sofia

      Cihan Koral <cihankoral@...>

      Query: Need room/flat in Aachen-Germany

         hi all,
         i am looking for a flat/ room in Aachen-Germany btw september 05 and
      january 06 (maybe till june06).
      --> btw150-300 euro, should have internet, mwave, preferably at the center ,
      female roommate.
         thanks for any kind of help.:)

      From: ARMEN AVETISYAN <avetisyanarmen@...>

      Dear Balkan-friends,

      I am going to do my internship in Turin, Italy and I was wondering if
      any of you can help me in finding a room there.

      Any tips about the issue would be of tremendous help; and if you can
      provide with any information please contact me at:

      Thanks in advance and sorry for filling your email boxes for personal matters.

      Best regards,

      From: Jack White <jawewit@...>

      Subject: Query: Flat in Belgrade
      Hi Everybody,

      As of mid-September I will be doing an internship at
      UN in Belgrade. Therefore, my girlfriend and I are
      looking to rent a flat/room in Belgrade for the period
      of three month. Since the internship is unpaid we are
      looking to rent an affordable living space and we
      would be grateful for any kind of help.

      thank you very much in advance

      From: sev.trubeta@...
      Subject: Query: Accommodation in Athens         sev.trubeta@...

      Dear All,
      I am looking for accommodation in Athens between 10 or 15 October
      and 31 November 2005 (because of research). I would be grateful for any
      Thank you in advance
      Sevasti Trubeta (sev.trubeta@...)

      From: rashad ibadov <ibadovrashad@...>
      Date: Fri Aug 19, 2005 0:17pm
      Subject: Request for accomodation in Lund, Sweden        ibadovrashad

      Hello dear friends!

      I am Rash from Azerbaijan, studying master program on
      Human Rights Law at Lund University. This is my second
      year of study. I could not get an accomodation in Lund
      this year.

      If you can help or advise me in this issue I would be
      more than thankfull



      From: lohan simona <simonalohan@...>
      Subject: Accomodation in Lugano          simonalohan

      Dear List Members,

      I am looking for affordable accommodation in Lugano, Switzerland between October 2005 and June 2006. If you have any suggestions or know of any offers,please write to simonalohan@...

      Thank you!

      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Simona Lohan


      Dear All,
      I (political scientist from Germany) am looking for a room/an apartment for two persons in Sofia. We will stay in Sofia from September to December in order to do some field research. Can you help me with offers or hints? Don`t hesitate to contact me!
      Best regards
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