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CfA: Master's and doctorate programs (LL.M. & J.S.D.) in Human Right s Law, Miami

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    This is the final call to: Master of Laws Program in Intercultural Human Rights Accepting Applications for Academic Year 2005-2006 One-year program offered by
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2005
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      This is the final call to:

      Master of Laws Program in Intercultural Human Rights

      Accepting Applications for Academic Year 2005-2006

      One-year program offered by St. Thomas University School of law
      Miami, Florida. Best students can further their education with the J.S.D
      (Doctor of the Science of Law) in Human Rights.

      Both degrees are acquiesced in by the American Bar Association.

      Welcome to our LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights, a globally
      unique program designed to offer in-depth instruction on the critical issue
      of our time: the protection of human dignity across political, social,
      economic, and cultural lines. Excelling since 2001, and widely regarded as
      one of the world's best in the field, the program provides the most
      up-to-date legal insights on theory, policy, and practical developments in
      the arena of human rights.

      Our mostly one-week compact courses are designed to offer the highest
      quality of legal education in the combined areas of international law,
      international human rights law, humanitarian law, universal and regional
      systems of human rights protection, as well as complaint procedures.

      Through these intensive courses and supplementary offerings, students are
      prepared for effective research, advocacy and practice in the field. In
      interactive dialogue, networking with distinguished faculty and their
      classmates from all over the globe students gain the best available inside
      knowledge of human rights in action.

      Our LL.M. program, in the mold of the integrative law, science and policy
      approach developed at the Yale Law School, and widely known as the
      Policy-Oriented Jurisprudence, provides a sophisticated background in
      international law and prepares students for leadership positions in
      society, be them judicial, legislative, governmental or non-governmental.
      Our alumni testify to all this.

      The faculty is one of worldwide distinction and includes top-level United
      Nations experts, chief legal advisors, judges, scholars and practitioners
      in the field, hailing from Yale University, as well as Athens, Berlin,
      Geneva, Strasbourg, Kinshasa, and Washington D.C. Their diversified legal
      backgrounds and experiences, their range of scholarship and academic
      excellence provide students with an intellectually challenging and
      multi-dimensional approach to education.

      The program's setting in Miami, a city of international flavour and
      extraordinary cultural diversity, offers breathtaking natural treasures and
      beauty, a wealth of cultural attractions, sporting events, and an exciting
      intercultural environment.

      Partial scholarships are available.

      For more information please check our website www.stu.edu/humanrights or
      contact us at:
      Graduate Program in Intercultural Human Rights
      St. Thomas University School of Law
      16400 NW 32 Ave.
      Miami, FL 33054
      Phone:(1)305 474 2447
      Fax:(1)305 474 2413
      E-Mail: humanrights@...
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