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[balkans] SouthEast Europe Information Network

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  • Florian Bieber
    http://www.seein.org/ What is SEE IN - SouthEast Europe Information Network? Europa South-East Policy Forum - Regional Think Tank Network, later renamed in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2000

      What is SEE IN - SouthEast Europe Information Network?

      Europa South-East Policy Forum - Regional Think Tank Network, later renamed in
      South East European Policy Institute Network (SEE-PIN) established at the
      Meeting in Skopje, Macedonia, on September 18, 1999, have decided that
      communication and dissemination of information among the regional think
      thanks and international institutions and organizations involved in the
      Stability Pact activities is crucial for more efficient and constructive
      impact on the Stability Pact.

      This position has been reiterated at the meeting of co-operators in Varna,
      Bulgaria, on September 26, 1999.

      As a result of a project proposal that Forum - Center for Strategic
      Research and Documentation (CSRD), submitted at the Meeting in Skopje, for
      the establishment of a Regional Information Network on Stability Pact, Open
      Society Institute has agreed to provide the initial support for the
      establishment of the Network and together with Forum-CSRD to build a
      South-Eastern Europe Information Network - "SEE IN". Other donors are very
      welcomed to participate in the duration and perpetuation of the project.

      The SEE IN project will be used as an information vehicle to support the
      outreach of the SEE-PIN. However, the internal communication in the SEE-PIN
      (minutes from the meetings, communication between the national co-operators,
      drafted materials considered for the public announcement etc.) will remain
      as a close circle list server activitie.

      SEE IN will have eleven analysts in ten countries/territories +
      CEPS/Brussels (10 analysts + 1 editor/analyst in Skopje), and one co-editor
      in OSI-Brussels. Countries/territories in question are Albania, Kosovo,
      Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova,
      and Brussels.

      Analysts - members of the Network's participating think tanks from the
      region, and one from CEPS - should cover important national and
      international Stability Pact activities on governmental or NGO level and in
      a condensed way report to the SEE IN Center in Skopje. This information
      shell be digested and edited in Skopje by the SEE IN editor in Skopje and
      co-editor in OSI-Brussels. The internal/external communication will go
      through three types of electronic traffic: web server, e-mail server and
      list servers. The list servers will include different names and different
      addresses, according to the specific issues and areas of interest of those

      The public outreach of SEE IN will consist of a web site, newsletter and other
      electronic and printed materials. SEE IN web site will be created as a part
      of this Information Network. The web site will provide an interactive way
      of insight into all relevant regional and international data connected with
      the Stability Pact activities. It will provide a complete list of contacts
      and links to the web sites of all regional think tank members of the
      SEE-PIN, OSI, other international NGO or government organizations,
      EU/Stability Pact institutions and other relevant bodies.

      The electronic/printed newsletter will be published twice a month and
      disseminated throughout the region and to other interested parties
      concerning the Stability Pact. Analysts will obtain addresses and will
      disseminate the newsletter on the local or national level.
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