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    Dear Collegues, as a result of a project cofinanced from European Commission a new European Network is born. The name of this network is: EGN - European
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2005
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      Dear Collegues,
      as a result of a project cofinanced from European Commission a new European Network is born.
      The name of this network is: EGN - European Governance Network.
      At the moment we have 32 partners in 14 countries ( Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, F.Y.R.O.Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and UK).
      But our intention is to develop the net also at national levels and in other countries: so we would like to invite you to become partner in this net.

      At your disposition there is a very useful intranet that permit you to stay in contact with all partners at same moment: you have 2 levels (national and international).
      There are only few rules to be respected:
      1) an annual fee of admittance of only 100 Euro (this is the cost of intranet software for each partner)
      2) if you come from one of the described 8 countries to ask the permission to the National Coordinator of your contry and to the European Coordinator (EURO-NET): there is no problem for any partner to become new member (it's just a communication that you can send also directly to us and that we forward to the National Coordinator just to inform him that there is for him an other national partner..)
      3) if you come from different countries to ask the permission only to the European Coordinator (EURO-NET).
      Then you will receive the username and password to use the intranet.

      At moment in intranet there are the following sectors:
      1) European Governance
      2) Partners
      3) Statute
      4) Link
      5) National Intranet (one for each different country)
      6) International Intranet
      7) In each intranet (National & International) there are the following sectors
      a) communication
      b) european programs
      c) evaluations
      d) gadgets
      e) news
      f) partners and proposals
      g) proposal from external organisms
      h) project list to be realised fo the net partners
      i) european voluntary service
      l) bulletins
      In future you should have other sectors.

      Every days we give the possibility to participate to a number of 7-10 new projects expecially in Leonardo, Socrates and Youth but also in e-government, Daphne, Ceepus, ICT, etc.

      You can use this instrument to:
      - create new projects
      - have new partners
      - learn something about Europe
      - participate to new initiatives
      - find new collegues
      - have new partnerships
      - find solutions for your problems
      - etc.

      If you want to see our web-site (opened to all) see the following address: www.egnetwork.info

      We expect your interested answers
      Anna Lagrotta
      European Coordinator

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