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CfP: Gender Workshop 2005 - Theories and Methods of and for Gender Studies, Breme, 29-30.4.2005

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  • Ankica MIlic
    CALL FOR PAPERS Gender Workshop 2005 - Theories and Methods of and for Gender Studies International University Bremen April 29-30, 2005 Dear Colleagues, We are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005
      Gender Workshop 2005 - Theories and Methods of and for Gender Studies
      International University Bremen
      April 29-30, 2005

      Dear Colleagues,

      We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the second Gender Workshop
      at International University Bremen, which will take place on April 29-30,
      2005. The Gender Workshop is a multidisciplinary conference that aims to
      introduce and align ways of seeing and negotiating gender as an analytical
      category in various academic fields and paradigms. The term workshop is
      chosen to stress our wish to offer a forum for lively discussions and active
      exchange. The workshop brings together scholars from a broad range of
      interests and offers talks and discussions on theoretical and methodological
      issues of gender studies and gender theory from both the perspective of
      traditional academic disciplines and interdisciplinary angles.

      The First Gender Workshop took place at International University Bremen in
      February 2004. Presentations at the Gender Workshop 2004 covered a variety
      of fields, such as, development and institutionalization of Women�s and
      Gender Studies in Germany, China and post-Soviet countries; gender theories
      and empirical studies in psychology; gender, nationalism and migration;
      gender, genre and (trans)gender formations in literature; construction of
      gender in historical discourses; gender representations in visual arts and
      movies. The workshop provided an opportunity to introduce and discuss the
      many ways gender can be approached in different fields of research. Selected
      papers of the Gender Workshop 2004 will be published early 2005 in a special
      volume titled Negotiating Space for Gender Studies: Frameworks and
      Applications by Peter Lang Publishings.

      The many fields that participated in the first Gender Workshop shall by no
      means restrict the choice of fields that will participate in the second one.
      They are, however, listed above in order convey the versatility and variety
      of fields that the workshop is based upon. The Gender Workshop 2005 will
      follow the conceptual multidisciplinary framework of the first conference
      and continue discussing the different ways of studying gender as an
      analytical category in different academic fields. Special attention will be
      given to the applicability, correspondence and incorporation of the category
      of gender in methodologies and epistemologies of traditional academic
      disciplines. In addition, the Second Gender Workshop will elaborate with
      greater precision the varying theories and methods of gender studies.

      In order to connect the many different fields and create a basis for
      comparison at Gender Workshop 2005, and in order to work towards a thorough
      understanding of both theory and methods of and for gender studies, we would
      like each contribution to refer to the following three pivotal points:

      First, we would like participants to point out in detail the theories of
      gender that are important for their research, and to elaborate on the
      coherence of these theories with their disciplines and fields of study.

      Second, we would like our participants to comment on the applied theories of
      gender and explain which parts of them are central and which parts are more
      marginal for their own studies of gender, and why. That is, we would like to
      discuss which meanings, aspects, and/or characteristics of gender are most
      crucial (or less important, respectively) for one�s research.

      Third, we would like our participants to specify the methods they use in
      their research.

      Each participant will have 60 minutes to discuss her or his research
      project, including 30 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for
      discussion. The workshop language will be English.

      We would like to emphasize that the general conceptual framework of the
      Gender Workshop sketched above does not only target the ones who have worked
      with the category of gender for many years, and who are thus more proficient
      in gender studies. Instead, we would like to invite to our workshop any
      academics, experts or novices, who consider the category of gender important
      for their research and who would like to share their ideas and approaches
      with fellow researchers from other schools and disciplines. Contributions
      from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are equally
      welcome. (Since applications by natural scientists have been rare at our
      first workshop, we would like to encourage natural scientists to

      If you are interested in participating at the Gender Workshop 2005, please
      send abstracts of 250-300 words explaining your research project, as well as
      theories and methods you are using in it by Monday, February 7, 2005, to the
      workshop organizers
      �zen Odag: o.odag@... and
      Alex Pershai: a.pershai@....

      Please include your academic affiliation in your letter.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      Yours truly,
      �zen Odag and Alex Pershai
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