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CfP: The Politics of Friendship, Granada, April 2005

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  • beryl NICHOLSON
    From: Oleg Kharkhordin [mailto:kharkhor@eu.spb.ru] CFP: The Politics of Friendship, Granada, April 2005 The workshop on the politics of friendship will be held
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      From: Oleg Kharkhordin [mailto:kharkhor@...]

      CFP: The Politics of Friendship, Granada, April 2005

      The workshop on the politics of friendship will be held on April 14-19,
      2005 in Granada, organized by Preston King and Oleg Kharkhordin. It will
      happen as part of the annual sessions of the European Consortium for
      Political Research, and the opportunity to get together people thinking
      about friendship at a major professional political science forum is
      quite a breakthrough.

      We think of having many scholars concerned with issues of the politics
      of friendship - In fact, the goal is to make the ancients' thinking on
      friendship relevant for contemporary world once again, and to reflect
      on contemporary issues of friendship in politics and politics in
      friendship. As you might know, ECPR is different from many other
      professional associations (like APSA, for example) in that it really
      offers an opportunity to have an intense 3-4 days of meetings of about
      15 people working on the same topic and discussing pre-circulated
      papers, and this event happens only once - the workshop themes are not
      repeatable (the idea is that afterwards people will communicate among
      themselves in any case, having established initial interest in each

      The deadline for the abstract submission is Dec. 1, but one should
      submit a text by April 1. For details on how to do it, please check out
      Participants from ECPR member universities (most EU universities and
      some US universities are in this list) get partial reimbursement for
      workshop attendance. Should you recommend your grad students or recent
      PhDs for workshop participation also, they may be funded by ECPR in
      toto, since there are special mobility funds for that (they should check
      out the ECPR website links). Non-ECPR members have to pay $250
      attendance fee, though.

      a more detailed description of this workshop can be also found at the
      ECPR website- http://www.essex.ac.uk/ecpr/events/jointsessions/granada/

      Oleg Kharkhordin
      Associate Professor
      Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology European University at St.
      Petersburg 3, Gagarinskaia street
      191187 St. Petersburg, Russia
      tel/fax 7-812-2755133
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