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[balkans] Call for Papers: Ethnicities

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  • Florian Bieber
    New in 2001! Ethnicities An International Journal Editors Stephen May and Tariq Modood University of Bristol, UK There is currently a burgeoning interest in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 1999
      New in 2001!
      An International Journal

      Editors Stephen May and Tariq Modood University of Bristol, UK

      There is currently a burgeoning interest in both sociology and politics
      around questions of ethnicity, nationalism and related issues such as
      identity politics and minority rights. Ethnicities is a new
      cross-disciplinary journal that will provide a critical dialogue between
      these debates in sociology and politics, and related disciplines.
      Ethnicities has three broad aims, each of which will add a new and
      distinctive dimension to the academic analysis of ethnicity, nationalism,
      identity politics and minority rights.

      A Journal of Sociology and Politics
      Ethnicities aims to achieve a critical nexus between the disciplines of
      sociology and politics with respect to debates on ethnicity, nationalism and
      identity politics. These debates have until recently been largely
      constrained within disciplinary boundaries, resulting in the two disciplines
      'talking past each other' with respect to such issues. Consideration of the
      interconnections between ethnicity and other forms of identity also lends
      itself to an even wider interdisciplinarity. As such, the journal aims to
      encourage work from a wide range of related disciplines, including
      anthropology, Black studies, cultural studies, education, gender studies,
      geography, history, law, literary and media studies, philosophy and social

      A Journal of Culture and Structure
      Ethnicities aims to explore the complex interconnections between culture and
      socio-economic structure with respect to the mobilisation of ethnicity,
      other social movements, and the implications of such mobilisation(s) for
      modern nation-states. In this sense, it aims specifically to bring together
      the more 'traditional' materialist emphases and concerns of 'race' and
      ethnicity studies, with the wider theoretical debates (both sociological and
      political) on the (re)construction of democratic societies. In so doing, it
      will also explore the interface between modernist and postmodernist debates
      on such issues.

      An International Journal
      Ethnicities will have a truly international reach, as reflected in the
      composition and research expertise of the Editorial and International
      Advisory Boards. The journal welcomes discussion of any country or region of
      the world, as well as transnational and diasporic contexts. Contributors are
      encouraged to set their work, wherever possible, in a transnational and/or
      transregional perspective.

      Topics Will Include
      * minorities and the nation-state * multiculturalism * culture, class and
      representation * gender and
      ethnicity * citizenship, universalism and difference * minority rights and
      political representation * hybrid
      and multiple identities * racism and antiracism * ethnicity and
      socio-economic equality * diasporic
      movements * transnational networks * indigenous movements * language and
      ethnicity * education and
      cultural pluralism * colonialism and postcolonialism * whiteness * religious
      mobilisation and conflict
      * regulation of ethnic conflict * ethnonationalisms * ethnicity, nationalism
      and globalisation

      Call for Papers
      Articles are now being sought for the early issues of the journal. Articles
      should not normally exceed 8,000
      words. Review articles (which must be approved in advance with the editors)
      should not normally exceed
      4000 words. Authors are required to submit 4 copies of their work, and must
      include an abstract of 100-
      150 words on a separate sheet. The 'Harvard' system of referencing should be
      used in the text (e.g. Smith,
      1999: 20-1) and bibliography (e.g. Smith, J. (1999). Title. Place of
      Publication: Publisher.)
      Articles for the journal, review articles, and books for review should be
      addressed to:
      Stephen May & Tariq Modood
      Editors, Ethnicities, Sociology Department,
      University of Bristol, 12 Woodland Road,
      Bristol BS8 1UQ, UK
      Email: ethnicities-journal@...
      Website: http:/www.bristol.ac.uk/Depts/Sociology

      Stephen May and Tariq Modood University of Bristol, UK

      Craig Calhoun Social Science Research Council, New York, USA
      Troy Duster New York University, USA
      Min Zhou University of California, Los Angeles, USA

      Thomas Hylland Eriksen University of Oslo, Norway
      Stuart Hall Goldsmiths College, London, UK
      Patricia Hill Collins University of Cincinnati, USA
      Will Kymlicka Queens University, Kingston, Canada
      Iris Marion Young University of Pittsburgh, USA

      Ien Ang University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Australia
      Alastair Bonnett University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
      Rogers Brubaker University of California, Los Angeles, USA
      Frank Dik├Âtter School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK
      Cynthia Enloe Clark University, Worcester, USA
      Adrian Favell University of Sussex, Falmer, UK
      Amy Gutmann Princeton University, USA
      R Enrique Hamel Autonoma Metropoliitana, Mexico City, Mexico
      Miroslav Hroch Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
      Joel S Kahn La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
      Riva Kastoryano CNRS, Paris, France
      Mahmood Mamdani Columbia University, New York, USA
      Douglas Massey University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
      Ali Mazrui SUNY, Binghmampton, USA
      Peter McLaren University of California, Los Angeles, USA
      Mohammad Waseem Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
      Joane Nagel University of Kansas, USA
      T K Oommen Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
      Bhikhu Parekh University of Hull, UK
      Jan Nederveen Pieterse Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The
      Ralph Premdas University of the West Indies at Trinidad
      Linda Tuhiwai Smith University of Auckland, New Zealand
      Yasemin Soysal University of Essex, Colchester, UK
      Nigel Thrift University of Bristol, UK
      James Tully University of Victoria, Canada
      Bryan S Turner University of Cambridge, UK
      Mary Waters Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
      William Julius Wilson Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
      Nira Yuval-Davis University of Greenwich, London, UK

      Rohit Barot, Harriet Bradley, Steve Fenton, Vernon Hewitt,
      Stephen May, Tariq Modood, Judith Squires all University of Bristol, UK

      Joanne Haynes University of Bristol, UK

      ISSN: 1468-7968
      Published 3 times a year in April, August, December * First issue April 2001

      For information about subscribing please contact
      Bernie FolanSAGE Publications, 6 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4PU, UK
      Tel: +44 (0)171 374 0645 ext. 2313 / Fax: +44 (0)171 374 8741 Email:
      bernie.folan@... <mailto:bernie.folan@...>
      Web: www.sagepub.co.uk <http://www.sagepub.co.uk>

      Florian Bieber
      International Relations and European Studies
      Central European University
      Nador utca 9
      H-1051 Budapest
      Email: bieberf@...
      Tel: 0036/1/349 60 24
      Internet: http://www.personal.ceu.hu/departs/personal/Florian_Bieber/
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