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New Book: The Vlachs Metropolis and Diaspora

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      KOUKOUDIS, Asterios, The Vlachs Metropolis and Diaspora (Studies on the Vlachs
      2), Thessaloniki: ZITROS, 2003, 520 pp., 230 fig., 10 maps
      translated by Deborah Whitehouse
      ISBN 960-7760-86-7

      After the landmark year 1769, when Moschopolis suffered its first massive
      collapse, the Vlachs launched their best documented diaspora, from the south
      northwards. Groups large and small left their ancestral villages along the
      spine of the Pindos Mountains and moved out into the Balkans and even beyond.
      Inundating the wider geographical region of Macedonia, they established new
      settlements in the highlands and colonies in the developing towns. They reached
      as far as the Rodopi and Balkan Mountains and towns in Bulgaria; they
      established colonies in towns in Kosovo and Serbia; they crossed the Danube and
      the Sava to swell the Greek Orthodox communities in the Habsburg Empire and the
      Danubian Principalities. This account and record of the massive Vlach diaspora
      clearly shows that Greece itself is the indisputable ‘metropolis’ of
      the Vlachs.
      Mr. Koukoudis' research demolishes numerous myths. He shows, for instance, that
      the Vlachs have not been merely a marginal group of traditional
      mountain-dwelling pastoral nomads in the modern era. From the early 17th
      century onwards, they were also competent fighters (armatoles and klefts),
      urban itinerant traders, craftsmen, professionals, and retail merchants, and,
      by extension, vehicles of economic and intellectual activity. These pages
      reveal that it is the Vlachs' recent history that has played the biggest part
      in defining their identity.

      If you want to order this book send an e-mail to biblia@... for price
      inquiry. The other books by the same author Thessaloniki and the Vlachs, The
      Olympos and Moglena Vlachs, The Veria Vlachs and the Arvanitovlachs of Central
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